Wednesday, July 29, 2015

What is the best thing you've ever sewn?

Sweet Girls 2011
There are many handmade items that are my favorites and it is hard to pick only one. But if I had to pick one piece from my entire sewing collection, above all others it would be the Christmas Carol dresses I made for my daughters. My family received tickets to see the Christmas Carol live show and I wanted the girls to dress up nice. Since my youngest was a size 5 and the oldest was a size 8 it was hard to find dresses that match in the department stores. Finally, I gave up shopping and decided to make them myself. I found two yards of this red and green, plaid, taffeta  in my stash. I bought black fabric for $15, so the price of these dresses were $7.50 a piece! I used the Precious Dresses Pattern from Carla C., the Scientific Seamstress. The girls loved them because they could twirl and play with them on. We had a wonderful time at the theater and the girls looked adorable.
Picking Flowers
I learned many new techniques sewing these dresses; gathering, making a placket to incase the buttons and a lining. Handmade dresses seem to last longer too. Even though my two girls are to big now to wear their Christmas Carol dresses, we have saved them because of the memories they bring back. Back of Christmas Dress


Barbara Carlon said...

Your two girls remind me of how much I sewed for all of my girls when they were little. Those dresses are adorable!
Good Luck in the contest, Leah! ......I have a daughter named "Leah". :)

Leah Williams said...

Thank you! Good luck to you too.

Sam said...

Very nice and beautiful collection. You are a purely a natural artist.
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