Saturday, December 31, 2011


2011 was an awesome sewing year!
1. Sweet Girls 2011, 2. Wave Bag for a friend!, 3. My new Case!, 4. Matching Girls, 5. Friendship Bracelet, 6. Sew Spoiled Smart Pocket, 7. New Shoulder Bag, 8. Porfolio Dress (1), 9. Close up, New Skirt Simplicity 2211, 10. Sew Spoiled Ladybug Diaper Bag, 11. Cosmetic Cases, 12. Sew Spoiled Ladybug Mini Purse, 13. Sew Spoiled Ladybug shoulder Bag, 14. Wrap Skirt From Chic and Simple Sewing, 15. Sew Spoiled Kid Ladybug Backpack, 16. School House Shift Dress, 17. Sew Spoiled Cabrio Tote in Leather/ Amy Butler fabric, 18. Made this with my Silhouette, 19. Patchwork Heart Pillows, 20. Cabrio Tote Sew Along; cutting, 21. Scallop Hat3, 22. My new machine, 23. Patchwork Pincushion!, 24. kid cabrio tote 5, 25. Nintendo DS Case
  • 160 posts
  • 83 sewing projects completed
  • 52 Customized iPad Cases
  • 13 tutorials; ranging from silhouette, sewing and embroidery.
  • 12 giveaways
  • 4 interviews
  • 1 Cabrio Tote Sew Along
Thank you for sharing it will me. I am really looking forward to 2012! I have so many things in the works for 2012 to share with you! Don't forget to write a comment for the December giveaway!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Tic Tac Toe Pincushion and ePattern Giveaway!

Wow! It is that time again, giveaway time! We have had a great year, here at Sew Spoiled, spoiling a new giveaway winner each month. I hope we continue to inspire you to sew and learn more about sewing. Here are the giveaways we had in 2011!
(Scroll down to see the December 2011 giveaway!)
2011 Giveaways;
Now for December
This months giveaway is for one Tic Tac Toe pincushion and 2 Sew Spoiled ePatterns!
+Our Giveaway will run December 30- December 31, 2011, 
with the winner being announced January 1, 2012!
+The winner will be selected by
+The Sew Spoiled Tic Tac Toe Pincushion and ePatterns will be mailed to the winner January 3, 2012.
+ To enter to win post a comment on this blog post!
+Only one comment please per person.
+This giveaway is open to everyone.
+Leave your EMAIL ADDRESS, you can leave it as: leah(dot)sewspoiled(at)gmail(dot)com
+This giveaway ends December 31, 2011 at 8PM Eastern Standard Time.
Good Luck!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Embroidery Machine Appliqué Tutorial

Here is a quick tutorial on how to make an appliqué with your embroidery machine. It is a great skill to have. As you see here you can use your appliqué on anything; baby blankets, totes, towels and monogrammed gifts.
Materials you will need:
1- scrap piece of appliqué fabric
1- main fabric or your project
thread the color of the appliqué fabric
adhesive spray
embroidery machine
embroidery appliqué design
embroidery scissors
Step 1: Place the interfacing into the hoop and spray the surface.
Step 2: Put the project or main fabric on the sprayed interfacing over the hoop.
Step 3: Put the hoop into place on your embroidery machine and allow the appliqué to trace the design over the main fabric.
It is showing you where to place the scrap fabric for your appliqué.
Step 4: Smooth out the scrap piece of fabric over the project fabric. The embroidery machine will trace the design again.
Step 5: Now for the fun part. Take a small, sharp pair of embroidery scissors and cut away the excess fabric from the design.
be careful and cut as close to the design stitches as possible without clipping the design
Step 6: Place the hoop back on the embroidery machine and allow the machine to finish the appliqué design. Most appliqué designs have a zig zag stitch first and then a satin stitch.
This can be a great skill to have. Any store bought blanket, towel or tote can be made into a special semi-handmade gift.
Happy Stitching!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Hello Again!

I hope all of you are doing well. I haven’t fallen off the face of the Earth, we have just had a lot going on. All of us somehow caught the stomach bug and just as one started to get better, another person would get sick. Not fun, especially when we are supposed to be enjoying time with one another, going to church, Christmas shopping, baking cookies, etc.. Well, if you are reading this and you are healthily, please count your blessings, knock on wood and kiss your families! When I am sick it makes me remember that not everyone feels as health all of the time. I usually say a prayer for those who are feeling unhealthy and I ask to give them strength and a quick recovery. Sickness really does make you appreciate being healthy. When I need to remember that lesson, I always seem to get sick. :)
Being sick gave me the opportunity to read a few books that I have been putting off, actually a series of books. I was going to wait but as soon as I started one I couldn't put them down! I read the Twilight series! I know I am a late bloomer. My sisters have been trying to get me to read them since they came out. I love the books. I have heard the movies are not as good. What do you think? Have you read them? What was your favorite part? If you have not read them, why not?
Well, can wait to hear from all of you! I miss writing and I miss you!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Holiday Teacher Gifts!

I love making teacher gifts this time of year.
This year is no different, I am making everyone heat therapy lavender pillows, since this school year has been a little stressful.
I found the sewing tutorial from Crafty Critique: Tutorial: Heat Therapy Pillow.
I chose to use this pattern because of the slip pillow case that is removable.
The fabric is from the Secret Garden collection by Sandi Henderson for Michael Miller fabrics.
I am also going to wrap them up with a cute poem I found it goes like this...
This little pillow filled with rice, 
Is such a comforting device. 
Microwave for 2 minutes on high 
And relax your muscles with a sigh. 
Apply it to the troubled spot, 
The heat will ease the pain a lot. 
Or warm those little toes so cold, 
You'll find this nice to have and hold. 
Or freeze it for a little while, 
And fix that booboo up in style. 
Instead of a compress made of ice, 
Use this pillow filled with rice.
Each year I like to spoil the teachers at school with a fun handmade gift. I look for sewing projects that are easy to make, use little fabric and time.
Here are a few more gift ideas for teachers, friends or family.
It is never to late to share a handmade gift with a friend. These ideas are quick and easy to make.
Sometimes I make a few extra things just in case someone special drops by, like a neighbor.
Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Carol Dresses!

I love making my daughters handmade things.
This year our family received tickets to the Christmas Carol and I wanted the girls to dress up nice.
Since my youngest is a size 5 and the oldest is a size 8 it is hard to find dresses that match, luckily I can create them!
I found in my stash two yards of this red and green, plaid, taffeta. I bought the black at Joann’s in the dress apparel section for $15, so these dresses were $7.50 a piece!
I used the Precious Dresses Pattern from Carla C., the Scientific Seamstress.
My favorite feature of this pattern is the buttons in the back. This is a pictures of the back of the bodice.
The buttons are enclosed! There is a little flap over the buttons, so no one sees them.
The bodice takes the most time in this project to make. However after making one you do get faster.
I love the pattern directions by Carla. She explains every step in so much detail. The pattern itself is 164 pages.
We can’t wait to see the Christmas Carol!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

CLOSED November 2011 Giveaway Winner!

The winner of the Sew Spoiled Smart Pocket sewing kit is….
who said...
Please Mary Sue send the physical address you would like your kit to be sent to my email address at
Thank you all for your sweet comments!