Monday, June 30, 2014

Month of July; Making Bags!

The month of July I will be sharing tips and tricks to making a successful bag. Have you made dresses and clothes and want to make accessories to match or do you love to make bags but you want to learn more about them? 
This month we will cover....
Don't miss these great posts and tutorials on how easy it is to create your perfect bag!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Updated; Embroidery Machine Appliqué Tutorial

Here is a quick tutorial on how to make an appliqué with your embroidery machine. It is a great skill to have. As you see here you can use your appliqué on anything; baby blankets, totes, towels and monogrammed gifts.
Materials you will need:

  • 1- scrap piece of appliqué fabric
  • 1- main fabric or for Customizable Acrylics use Embroidery Paper!!
  • Thread the color of the appliqué fabric
  • Adhesive spray
  • Interfacing
  • Embroidery machine
  • Hoop
  • Embroidery appliqué design
  • Embroidery scissors
Step 1: Place the interfacing into the hoop and spray the surface.
Step 2: Put the project or main fabric or paper on the sprayed interfacing over the hoop.
Step 3: Put the hoop into place on your embroidery machine and allow the appliqué to trace the design over the main fabric.
It is showing you where to place the scrap fabric for your appliqué.
Step 4: Smooth out the scrap piece of fabric over the project fabric. The embroidery machine will trace the design again.
Step 5: Now for the fun part. Take a small, sharp pair of embroidery scissors and cut away the excess fabric from the design.
Be careful and cut as close to the design stitches as possible without clipping the design.
Step 6: Place the hoop back on the embroidery machine and allow the machine to finish the appliqué design. Most appliqué designs have a zig zag stitch first and then a satin stitch.
This can be a great skill to have. Any store bought blanket, towel or tote can be made into a special semi-handmade gift.
Happy Stitching!

Friday, June 27, 2014

$5 Sew Spoiled Pattern

If you are looking for a simple way to mount an iPad for a long trip the iPad Headrest Mount is available for only $5.00! It only takes 10 steps to make. You can put it together before you pack the kids in the car. My daughters love using the mount. No longer do they have to hold the hot device on their laps, just slip it into the headrest mount and watch a video or play a game. 
Happy Traveling!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Women Shorts Sewing Pattern Round Up!!

I love to make my own clothes. One of my favorite things to construct is a pair of shorts. It is a quick and easy project that takes very little fabric. Take a look at these cute short sewing PDF patterns for women! They are all only an instant download away!

Enjoy your summer in style with a pair of short you created.

Monday, June 23, 2014


Since December when I received my new Brother P-770 embroidery machine I have been embroidering up a storm. When I go to the stores I look around for totes, beach towels, ribbon, caps, anything and everything is something to write/ embroider on. No one surface is safe!!! If I can not embroider I know I can personalize it with vinyl. Even glass can be etched. I have had friends contact me with small projects to personalize and I love it. I can see how embroidery can be a really fun way to make money as a home business. What is your favorite things to embroider?? Do you like to buy store bought things and embroider them, make your own or buy embroidery blanks?

Thursday, June 19, 2014

New Cream and Navy Dress!

This is my new cream and navy dress! It is so soft and comfortable. I used the  #6 dress as my inspiration. I did not create a front pocket like the  picture below and my neck line is a little different. I found some orange poly-cord to use as my tie, to give it a little color. If I could add a chunky orange necklace and nautical brackets, this outfit would be complete. 

I love the #5 dress that two of our readers suggested but when I looked at the amount of fabric I had, I did not have enough to complete the dress. I think I might still have to buy more fabric and create it, I agree #5 is amazing!! (Below) The skirt is a circle skirt attached to a tank style top. I also love the side pockets. She looks ready to dance!
Going back to the making of my dress...
I used a free tutorial by It's Always Autumn, Easy Tee Tutorial. It is a size large but Autumn shows you how to size it for any size. I also had to line my knit dress because this knit fabric was too thin. This is a common problem when buying knit fabric online. You can not feel the weight until it arrives. In order to line this dress, I first sewed the two lining and two focus fabric pieces right sides together along the shoulder seams. Then I separated the two parts and sewed the focus fabric under the arm holes and along the sides seams and repeated for the lining.
Then, I put the lining and focus fabric together used my serger for the head and arm holes. I folded the serged edges to topstitch and hemmed the bottom of the dress.
This dress was fast to make once everything was cut out. Thanks for your comments! 

Monday, June 16, 2014

Cream and Navy, What would you make?

I recently bought this knit cream and navy stripe fabric. The fabric has a lot of drape and will have to be lined. I am having a hard time choosing what design to make with it. What do you think?? Above #1-8, Which one would you make?? 
Thanks for any suggestions!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Straw Hat Embroidery Tutorial

Every woman needs a floppy straw hat in the summertime. You can find straw hats everywhere and you can embroider them. Because the fibers are woven you can easily embroider the hat. Here is how you can embroider your own. 

Step 1: Hoop the tear away interfacing.
Step 2: Sandwich the hat between the interfacing and  soluble topper.
Step 3: Baste stitch a rectangle attaching all three layers. If you do not baste stitch you should pin all three layers. (Pinning might be very difficult.)
Step 4: Embroider on top the initials for monogramming. I used here one 3" letter in the center and 2" letters one either side.
Enjoy your Floppy Straw Hat.

How to Replace Serger Thread

Have you serged with thread that doesn't match your project just because you hate threading your serger!! Me too, until I found out this easy method to rethread a serger. All you do is....
Step 1: Cut old thread from the back of the machine.
Step 2: Tie a new color thread to the old thread.
Step 3: Pull the threads all the way through the machine. Be careful not to break the threads.
Ta Da! New thread color! Change all the needles the same way!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Swimsuit Embroidery Tutorial

Yeah, it is summertime and I am so excited to start a fun filled summer vacation with my kids. We are planning beach trips and pool time, so when I looked at my old swim suit from last year, I realized I needed a new one. Looking online I saw these cute bikini tops and they were embroidered! I had to try it and here is how you can embroider your own.
First, hoop your tearaway interfacing into your hoop.
Second, place the water soluble topper over the swim suit top and pin everything together. (The red and yellow dots are pins.)
Third, place your hooped swim suit under the embroidery machine. Embroider your initials. I used 2" letters to embroider. I highly recommend matching the embroidery thread with the swim suit bottoms. (You will need to use a ballpoint needle.) 
If you are want to find blanks for embroidery here are some great resources...
Best wishes and tons of stitches!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Jeep Handles

Here is a picture of the Jeep handles I made from paracord. After shopping around online for handles for the girls to climb into the backseat of our two door Jeep. We found that handles would cost between $30-$50. I decided to learn how to make them. Plus I wanted to pick out the colors.
By making our own I was able to choose what colors I wanted. The paracord that looks white in the picture has blue running through it and matches our Jeep. I found a Paracord Jeep Handle video tutorial here. It was extremely helpful and I learned how to put everything together in a matter of minutes. If you have a Jeep I highly recommend making your own Jeep handles.