I often get this question, "How did you learn to sew?" and well, most of the time I tell people that my family taught me. Which is partly true, they inspired me. When I was younger I was surrounded by beautifully handmade things. We couldn't always afford the finer things and so my family would make them. My Great Grandmother made for me a Cabbage Patch doll from a sewing kit. My father built my first bicycle, mostly out of a Spiderman bike parts. :) I loved it! My mother would reupholster our couch when it needed a facelift. She also made my first concert black dress when I began to play the clarinet. I was enriched by the people around me. I loved the handmade treasures they made for me. Each handmade piece had a colorful story of how it was created.

It wasn't until I got older and had my first child that I realized I wanted to give my little ones handmade treasures. Gifts that were made by me and they could keep forever. Gifts that would have stories to share. That is why I started to sew. 
I looked online and to sewing books first. I borrow a beginner sewing machine and set to work. My mother excited about the idea of me creating would come over on the weekends to help. I started to take pictures of everything I made. My Flickr account is my sewing scrapbook. I fell in love with making one of a kind gifts for any one and everyone. Honestly that is where the name Sew Spoiled comes from. I was spoiled as a child with wonderful handmade gifts and now I hope my customers feel that way when they buy a Sew Spoiled product.