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Sweet Coin Purse Tutorial for Teacher Gifts

This time of year is so special to me because I get to show my gratitude for all of the hard work that goes into teaching my daughters. I love to make handmade gifts and this year is no exception. Since money does not grow on trees around here, I looked at my stash (I keep my scraps in hat boxes) and tried to see what I had a lot of; small zippers, trims, Peltex strips (from making iPad cases), fabric scraps and some hardware for key fobs. So I set to work. 
Plastic multipurpose 5" Zipper 
Fabric Scraps
Lightweight interfacing 808 Pellon
(We clipped key fobs with 1.5" swivel hooks onto our coin purses. There are tons of tutorials on making key fobs.)
Step 1: Print out the Coin Purse Template PDF. 
Cut 2 main fabric, cut 2 lining and 2 interfacing using the template. 
Optional: Cut a 2"X2" square of your choice main fabric or lining. This strip of fabric is used to clip a key fob to your coin purse later. We used a 1.5" swivel hook.
Step 2: Iron interfacing onto main fabric use manufacturers instructions.
Step 3: Layer the main fabric up, zipper down and lining face down. Place your zipper foot on your sewing machine and sew along the zipper, as close to the zipper foot as possible.
Step 4: Iron the zipper teeth away from the fabrics and layer the fabrics again. 
Step 5: Main fabric facing up, zipper (with the first piece sewn on) facing down and the lining facing down. Sew along the zipper, as close to the zipper foot as possible. 
Iron the fabrics away from the teeth of the zipper and topstitch main fabric panels. Optional: If you are using trims add them now. We added ribbon 1.5" from the bottom of the purse. This is you can get creative!
Step 6: Open the zipper, place the two main fabric panels together and pin. (Optional: Iron the 2"X2" loop in half and then iron the raw edges toward the creased center line and fold again and press loop. Sew down the open side. Place the looper at the top of the main fabric panel, close to the zipper.)  Place the lining fabrics together and pin.
Step 7: Put the standard foot back on your machine. Sew around the coin purse. Start at the lining side first (Keep in mind that you will need a 3" opening to turn the bag right side out.) and sew around to the main fabric side. You will sew over the zipper; that is why we are using a plastic, multipurpose zipper. 
Step 8: Flip the bag right side out, use a chopstick to poke the bag into shape and press it flat. Also, press the lining opening closed.
Step 9: Sew the lining opening closed and stuff the lining back into the coin purse.
We attached a key fob with a 1.5" swivel hook to finish our Coin Purse! I think I am going to put a 100 Grand Candy bar in each purse with a note that says, "You are worth more than 100 Grand to Emily."
Best wishes and tons of stitches!


Unknown said…
Supercute! Our school year finishes in December so plenty of time to get some of these made up - thanks!
Sónia Costa said…
Great! Thanks. :)
Meghan said…
These are adorable! As a preschool teacher, I'd be so delighted to get one of these!
Unknown said…
It is really cute I have to confess =D Mom will have to make one for me D:
Vista Stores said…
Very nice. This is my first comment on your blog. Professionally, I'm in different industry. But, I love to read different sewing patterns and tutorials which help me to draft unique piece for me. I'm quite eager to read future post on attractive sewing projects! BTW thanks for sharing.
This is such a great idea and the material is so cute! XxxX
Tracy VT said…
what a lovely little purse! fabulous fabric too! As a teacher in Australia I'd love to have Teacher Appreciation - we dont have anything like this - and this little beauty would be on my list of desirables.....or even just a thanks....
DonnaRae said…
I make little coin purses also but add a vinyl pocket to one side for id such as Drivers license or whatever.
Yours is very very cute. I really like the ribbon accessory you added. Will have to do that with mine. Have always enjoyed your blag!
Elaine said…
What a cute little purse! I can't wait to try this out. I've certainly got plenty of fabric scraps to choose from. Thanks so much for sharing this!
Muhammad Atif said…
The flower design on purse really makes it great choice for teacher gifts, its looking so sweet.
Anonymous said…
Can't wait to get started!

Does the PDF pattern include a seam allowance?
Anonymous said…
Can't wait to get started!

Does the PDF pattern include a seam allowance?
Sew Spoiled said…
Yes the pattern includes seam allowance.
Cherilyn said…
I just found you on Pinterest! I love this idea! Thank you for the great tutorial. I am going to make some for Christmas!
Anonymous said…
just made these for our neighbor's girls for Christmas. so cute and easy! thanks for the free pattern!
DeeDee said…
This is adorable and very easy to make! Thank you for the clear instructions and pictures.
joy said…
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Unknown said…
I never ever saw such blogs and the knowledge you have given that is accurately to the point and in simple wording, I like it!
JD said…
This is a very clever pattern. Thanks for sharing. Love your fabrics too.
joy said…
Thanks for sharing such a wonderful article, I hope you could inspire more people. Visit my site too.
Unknown said…
I noticed in the pictures above that you are using a sewing machine like mine. I am wanting to sew stretch (knit) or fleece fabric for a different project but I can't keep the sewing machine from eating my fabric. It does just fine and I can sew all day with other fabric? Help needed...
Thank you for all the patterns I love them.
nikkolayebba said…
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Anonymous said…
Step 3 shows the zipper instalation. I noticed that the tab of the zipper pull is a bit beyond the edge of the fabric. Is this intentional? Or should the tab of the zipper be flush with the edge of the fabric? Thank you for this tutorial...

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