Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Your Sew Spoiled!

I love seeing the projects that you have completed! This is my favorite part about designing patterns. Here are some awesome pictures from the Flickr: your Sew Spoiled projects! group and Etsy
This Sew Spoiled iPad Case is made from cork!!!
This sleeve was made for her kindle!
I love her ruffle idea!
I love the choice of fabrics! Great work!
If you have completed a Sew Spoiled pattern add it to the Flickr Group, Your Sew Spoiled Projects!
“Can you sell the products you make from Sew Spoiled Patterns???” Yes, you can sell the products that you as a home seamstress make! All I ask is that you state, “This pattern is an original Sew Spoiled Design by Leah Williams.” in the description. It is super easy to set up your own shop at Etsy and a great place to start selling products. If you would like to know more about starting your own Etsy shop here is another link by Studio Jewel.
Why not enjoy making money, doing what you love to do!
Happy Sewing!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

May Winner Announcement!

Wow! I am truly amazed at the response we had for the Tula Pink, Prince Charming prints sponsored
by Ruth at Sew Love Fabrics!
I believe the May Giveaway Day post had the most blog comments ever here at Sew Spoiled!
Thank you all for participating in the Sew Mama Sew’s Giveaway day.
I loved reading all of your comments!
The 15% coupon code GIVEAWAYDAY is still available through May 29,2011
at Sew Love Fabrics and Sew Spoiled Etsy Shops.
Now it is time to name the winner!
Random.org randomly picked...
Thank you everyone for stopping by and looking around. I hope you follow Sew Spoiled through FlickrFacebook or Twitter!
or become a friend here at our blog.
You are more than welcome to take a “I am Sew Spoiled” blog button on the left side bar. Screenshot2011-05-27at9.51.09PM-2011-05-28-05-30.png
My hopes are that you feel Sew Spoiled when you visit my sites.
June 2011 Giveaway will start June 20-24, 2011! Fabric Shoppe will be sponsoring our June giveaway! If you would like to become a Sew Spoiled Sponsor please write to me at leah.sewspoiled@gmail.com.
Happy Stitching!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Business/ Credit Card Pocket Tutorial

This tutorial started with an email from a customer:
“Hi Leah,
I got all the patterns they are great.  I made up the mini purse,  but added a small rectangle to the lining for credit cards.  It only took a scap of fabric and a minute to insert and the friend I made it for is delighted because she intends to bring it clubbing instead of a big hand bag.  I thought this might be a handy tip for other people ( I did the same with the wristlet purse for myself and it is  perfect).
Sorry if this is not the right way to go about telling you this,  I'm new to Etsy and I'm not sure what's what yet.  I really love your purse patterns and I look forward to new ones !

Helen email is the perfect way to share your sewing experience. Thank you for writing to us. Here is a quick tutorial on how to make a business or credit card pocket for any Sew Spoiled pouch, purse or even iPad Case!
Step 1:
Step 2:
Step 3:
Step 4:
Step 5:
Step 6:
Step 7:
Step 8:
Thanks again Helen! What a great idea to share! If you are here for the Sew Mama Sew Giveaway please follow this link.
Happy Sewing!

Monday, May 23, 2011

May 2011 Giveaway!

Thank you Sew Mama Sew for making today, May 23, 2011 Giveaway Day!
Sew Love Fabrics will be sponsoring this month’s giveaway with eight fat quarters (18”X 22”) of Prince Charming prints in olive green, equaling 2 yards of gorgeous fabrics! If you would like to read more about Ruth, founder of Sew Love Fabrics, read her interview. Thank you so much for sharing your love of fabric with us!
These are the fat quarters ready to ship to the lucky winner!!
Giveaway Rules!
+Our Giveaway will run May 23-27, 2011, with the winner being announced May 28, 2011!
+The winner will be selected by Random.org
+The package will be shipped to the winner by May 30, 2011.
+ To enter to win post a comment on this blog post!
+Only one comment please per person.
+This giveaway is open to everyone.
+Leave your EMAIL ADDRESS, you can leave it as: leah(dot)sewspoiled(at)gamil(dot)com
+This giveaway ends May 27, 2011 at 8PM Eastern Standard Time
Thank you Ruth for sponsoring our May giveaway from Sew Love Fabrics!!
Ruth and I were so excited about joining the giveaway we decided to make it extra special by offering a 15% coupon code for both of our Etsy shops! If you purchase any items from either of our stores: Sew Love Fabrics or Sew Spoiled and type in “GIVEAWAYDAY” (no spaces) in the coupon code area you will receive a 15% discount! This coupon code expires May 29, 2011.
Enjoy your Giveaway day, (Week)!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

May 23 Giveaway Day!

Sew Mama Sew will be hosting another Giveaway Day May 23!! May 23 you can hop over to Sew Mama Sew blog and see all of the blogs who are participating under three categories: Handcrafted Items, Handcrafted Items(s) + Supplies, Sewing Supplies and materials. Our giveaway will be under the Sewing Supplies and materials category.
Sew Love Fabrics will be sponsoring this month’s giveaway with eight fat quarters (18”X 22”) of Prince Charming prints in olive green, equaling 2 yards of gorgeous fabrics! Please visit her Etsy shop
If you can’t wait for the giveaway she has the Prince Charming Collection available in her shop!
Happy Sewing!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Interview with Ruth from Sew Love Fabrics

Today, Ruth from Sew Love Fabrics joins us to share more about herself, shop tips and advice. Her amazing Etsy Store, Sew Love Fabrics has become one of my favorite fabric shops.
Sew Spoiled: What is your favorite sewing tip?
Ruth: I would have to say my ruffler foot attachment. I purchased it and it took me a year of looking at it before I gave it a try. It's looks are very intimidating. Turns out, it's easy to put on and easy to use! No more pulling bobbin threads to gather :)
Sew Spoiled: When or how did you learn to sew?
Ruth: My mother taught me to sew. When I was growing up, she was always sewing something... clothes for me or my dolls, curtains, place mats, pillows... I loved to go to the department stores with her to pick out fabric.
Sew Spoiled: What is your favorite part about being a working at home Mom of 5?
Ruth: My favorite thing about working from home is well I guess because I'm home! Our youngest is 4 and isn't in school yet so I love that he is with me during the day and I don't have to leave him. I also love the flexibility of my hours, I can make my work fit around the rest of our incredibly busy schedule.
Sew Spoiled: How did you start your Sew Love Fabrics store?
Ruth: The idea of an online fabric shop came to me after the realization that there was such a thing as designer fabric. That there was more than Joann's and the fuddy duddy quilt shops that were near me. I think I stumbled across Heather Bailey's blog and ordered some of her fabric and that got the whole ball rolling! That and finding out about Etsy!
Sew Spoiled: What advice would you have for those of us who are starting a new crafty business?
Ruth: I would have to say set limits right from the start. I got to a point where I felt like all my kids did was talk to my back because I was constantly on the computer working. I try now to be finished with work by the time they start rolling in from school and then not start up again until they are in bed. I try to remind myself once in a while "When my kids are grown and someone asks them what they remember about their childhood.... I don't want them to say all my mom did was work at her business. She was always so busy..."

Thank you Ruth for sponsoring our May giveaway from Sew Love Fabrics!! We are joining the Sew Mama Sew’s Giveaway Day May 23!!!
If you are interested in joining the Giveaway you can sign up through May 20th!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Your Sew Spoiled Projects!

Here are some awesome pictures from the Flickr: your Sew Spoiled projects! group.
Thank you for contributing our photos!
They are amazing!
She shares how she customized her Cabrio Tote.
I love the embroidery and jewels.
This is a super cute photo of the straps on the Cabrio Tote.
These last two photos are from Taya from The Type B Crafter. Thank you from sharing your inspiring work.
I love seeing all of your work!
If you want to share one of your Sew Spoiled projects please upload your pictures to Flickr: your Sew Spoiled projects!
Happy Stitching!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Portfolio Dress

This is my new plaid portfolio dress! The pattern is the Lisette, Portfolio Dress by Liesl Gibson of Oliver+S!
Fun Fact: Did you know that Liesl Gibson designed for Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren?
My favorite features of the dress are the pockets, how comfy it feels to wear and the look. I bought the plaid originally because I fell in love with the colors. Honestly, I did not think about lining up all of the lines until I sat down with all of the template pieces around me! (I think I actually screamed, “What was I thinking!”)
Really the dress was very easy to put together, until I got to the collar. My collar did not fit like it was supposed to because I had shifted the plaid a little to make sure all of the lines met up. (It was totally my fault!)
Shifting the fabric created my neck line where the collar was to be attached to be different. I ended up fixing it by pinning the collar together at the shoulder’s seams, lining the collar up with the top of the dress and drawing new seam allowances everywhere to make it fit. .
Also, I found the sizing chart to be incorrect for me. This is a size 8 but according to my measurements I should have been a size 12. I had the same trouble with the skirt. Maybe it is the shape of my body that is throwing the chart off. I am a petite (short).
I plan to make a few more of these! Maybe a portfolio dress in each color but no more plaid for me. :)
I hope you are having a great week! By the way mark your calendars for our May Giveaway, starting May 23!!!
May’s giveaway is sponsored by Sew Love Fabrics! I am so excited!!!
Happy Sewing!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

I hope all of you had an amazing Mother’s day! I enjoyed my entire weekend! I finished the plaid portfolio dress (I will share pictures later this week) and spent quality time with my girls.
My family loves to give gifts to all of the Mothers in our family on Mother’s Day. So as I was out shopping, I found this picnic basket tote for $12! I decided to personalize it with my Silhouette for my sister! Her family nickname is EI. I used the heat transfer vinyl and ironed it onto the tote.
El loves dragonflies! The Silhouette is a wonderful machine to make personalized gifts.
Happy belated Mother’s Day!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Silhouette + office supplies= Monogrammed Goodness

Target $1.00 section rocks!
For $7 I bought each of my daughters teachers...
Clip board
wooden paperclip
note pad
pencil holder
desk container
Then I designed the monogram lettering in the Silhouette software in different sizes. I used the marker felt font.
Finally I applied the vinyl lettering and ribbon to the gifts. Now we have personalized teacher gifts!
So easy, inexpensive and personalized! I hope they like them!
Ok I have to go back and buy myself a set and monogram it!