Thursday, May 12, 2011

Portfolio Dress

This is my new plaid portfolio dress! The pattern is the Lisette, Portfolio Dress by Liesl Gibson of Oliver+S!
Fun Fact: Did you know that Liesl Gibson designed for Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren?
My favorite features of the dress are the pockets, how comfy it feels to wear and the look. I bought the plaid originally because I fell in love with the colors. Honestly, I did not think about lining up all of the lines until I sat down with all of the template pieces around me! (I think I actually screamed, “What was I thinking!”)
Really the dress was very easy to put together, until I got to the collar. My collar did not fit like it was supposed to because I had shifted the plaid a little to make sure all of the lines met up. (It was totally my fault!)
Shifting the fabric created my neck line where the collar was to be attached to be different. I ended up fixing it by pinning the collar together at the shoulder’s seams, lining the collar up with the top of the dress and drawing new seam allowances everywhere to make it fit. .
Also, I found the sizing chart to be incorrect for me. This is a size 8 but according to my measurements I should have been a size 12. I had the same trouble with the skirt. Maybe it is the shape of my body that is throwing the chart off. I am a petite (short).
I plan to make a few more of these! Maybe a portfolio dress in each color but no more plaid for me. :)
I hope you are having a great week! By the way mark your calendars for our May Giveaway, starting May 23!!!
May’s giveaway is sponsored by Sew Love Fabrics! I am so excited!!!
Happy Sewing!


celkalee said...

Oh my gosh. That dress is absolutely wonderful. You did so well matching the plaid! Very preppy sort of look, I am not surprised the designer has such a fabulous resume. Really cute.

Lynne in NC said...

You look so happy in your new dress. Great job on matching the plaid.
Thanks for the photos and the pattern review, too.

Ginger said...

Your dress looks so cute! Trust me, no one will notice the sewing "things" (and I use that word in a good way) except you. And in a few days you probably won't notice them either.

I've all but quit relining on the sizing on the back of the Big 4 patterns. I mostly look at the finished measurements or measure the pattern pieces of critical areas. Pre-kid I had this down and knew exactly how much ease I liked. Post-kid, not so much. But I think that is because I do not have the body I am used to.

Gwen @ Gwenny Penny said...

Hi, Leah! I featured your gorgeous dress today :)

Chris said...

Just popping in to say thank you for joining in the sew-along. Your dress looks so lovely. Featured on my blog today:

Simone de Klerk said...

I saw your dress on Gwen's blog. Absolutely beautiful!!! Looks very sixties to me.