Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Smart Tips!

One of the problems I face going into the fabric store is looking at each fabric as a new project to make. I tend to loose focus on the soul purpose of me being there (get elastic) and I come out of the store with a brand new project instead of the elastic I needed in the first place. Do you have this problem too?? 
Here are some helpful Smart Tips...
Use your smart phone as a list taker for your materials, notions, etc. that you need. 

This app is Notes from one of the built-in apps from Apple.
See a new project on Pinterest? Copy and paste the materials list to Sewing Shopping list for the store.
I am a List Taker Queen I so when I discovered the Reminders app, another built-in app on the iPhone. I instantly loved it.
You can set it to tell you when and where your projects are suppose to be done. This is a life saver around the holiday season. Especially when I am trying to make handmade goodness for everyone. When you complete a task, check it off your list. If you want to admire what you have completed you can click completed at the top.
Another great tip is to use your Smart phone for inspiration photos. If you do see a project you want to create snap a quick photo of it so you won't forget it. Inspiration can happen anywhere!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

PDF Patterns at the Tip of your Fingers

Someone asked me, "How do you get the PDFs into iBooks?" So today I am going to show you how to save your ePatterns, or PDF patterns into iBooks. It is a simple way to have your new sewing pattern wherever you go.
First save it into an online cloud storage place. Here I am using Dropbox but any online cloud storage site will do. 
Second open the online cloud site on your iPhone, iPad or smart device. Dropbox has an app for the iPhone and iPad.

Third choose the PDF you would like to place into iBooks.
Fourth open it in ibooks or your favorite ereader.

I like to store my epatterns here, especially while I am working on it. I can read it repeatedly, whenever I want. I also have the info with me at the fabric store when I am shopping. So I don't have to guess the yardage I need, I just look it up. When I finish I can delete it or add the next project.

Happy Sewing!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

October Giveaway!

This Month's Giveaway is for a  Sew Spoiled 4 epattern bundle package! It will run through midnight on October 26, 2012 with the winners being announced on October 27, 2012. We will send all four ePatterns through email October 28, 2012!
All friends are welcome! What do you have to do to enter to win?? Follow the directions above.
~Best Wishes!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Updated iPad Folding Case ePattern!

 I wanted to share with you that I have updated the iPad Folding Case ePattern. It is slimmer and seeker. The pictures are the same, however the templates are different. You will have a better fitting case for the iPad 2-4. This pattern is not for the iPad one.
Also, I have the dimensions for the iPad Mini. I have created the templates. As soon as I test it all out on the product :), I will post it for you in my Etsy shop. I am always moving forward, I hope you join me. 
Best Wishes and tons of stitches!

Monday, October 22, 2012


I made this purse organizer and key fob to match my new bag. I love accessorizing. Often I only make the bag and then forget to tie everything else together. Which means I have different fabrics for everything. This time I wanted everything to match, and with plans to make some more pieces for my wardrobe, I wanted a bag that would match almost any fabric choices I might make in the future.
The bag design is my Sew Spoiled Wave bag with a rounded bottom. The purse organizer is from Sweetbriar Studio. I am planning to make a ton of these for christmas gifts stuffed with purse goodies. The handles make it easier to transfer the organizer from purse to purse.
The key fob is from my Sew Spoiled Smart Pocket Pattern.
I love it when a plan comes together. 
Best wishes and tons of stitches!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Smart Pocket ePattern!

It is Fall and what better time to walk or run outside. The weather is perfect and the air is clear. The Smart Pocket is the perfect accessory to wear. You can wear it for a walk, as a wristlet or on your belt. Plus they make fantastic gifts! Once you make one, you'll see how quick and easy they are. The ePattern comes with templates and you can customize your Smart Pocket to fit any device by using the pattern formula. 
Here are some pictures from a Sew Spoiled customer.
Thanks Arlene for sharing your pictures! 
Get this quick and easy epattern at Sew Spoiled.
Best Wishes!

Sunday, October 14, 2012


This weekend I had planned a perfect sewing project for myself. I wanted to make this dress...
I bought enough chevron fabric for two dresses, it arrived Friday!! I was well on my way to having a great sewing weekend. I felt so smart for ordering everything ahead of time and my plan was coming together.
Saturday morning ready to start my project, I put all 6 yards of chevron into my wash machine and this happened...
Brown oil stuff was all over my fabric!! Everywhere! I tried everything to get out the oil...
But there were brown dots all over it. :( 
We had to go shopping, with 4 in our family, it is a necessity. My husband and I looked at 3 different Lowe's. We found a Samsung washer we liked, but it was $700! We asked if they would price match, because we found it online cheaper at Best Buy. Lowe's said they couldn't match the online price, so we went to Best Buy. At Best Buy the most amazing thing happen. The sales clerk told us about an LG washer and dryer ON SALE!! WooHoo! They are even Smart machines and if they have a problem the smart app tells me what needs to be worked on. I love the glass doors and it plays a song when it finishes. Being a music teacher, I love that!
They are due to arrive Wednesday! I can't wait! You would think I was getting a new sewing machine but next to a sewing machine these two are the most important appliances in the house. Fingers crossed, I won't have to buy any more appliances for a while.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Selfish Sewing

This weekend I got to sew for myself! Wooohooo! I bought a piece of leather from Leather to Lace at Etsy. Originally, I wanted to make the entire outer shell out of leather but then I realized I only had enough to make a small leather bag. No worries, I had some home decor fabric to add to the bag making project. I decided to make my wave bag by trimming the edges and strap in leather. To make the home decor fabric tie into the leather, I monogramed using the same color thread as the leather. 
The embroidery design comes from Meringue Designs
Here is a quick how to video on embroidery....

When working with leather there are a few rules you have to follow. 
  1. Use a leather needle, it makes a hole in the leather instead of pushing the fibers away.
  2. Make sure your stitch length is longer, set to a 3.5 or higher. If the stitch length is short, the leather will tear on your seam.
  3. You should sew with a seam allowance of .25”, so you will have less bulk in between your seams.
  4. Decrease your thread tension as you increase the thickness of your leather project.
  5. Use the wallpaper roller to roll the seams flat and glue the seam excess down with cement glue.
  6. Do not iron.
What supplies should you have before you start?
  1. leather needle
  2. wallpaper roller
  3. rayon, nylon or polyester thread Do not use 100% cotton it will break.
  4. binder clips
  5. teflon foot is nice but if you do not have one use baby powder or tissue paper.
  6. rubber Cement glue
I love my new bag and can't wait to use it. Hopefully it will match all of my fall clothes.  
Thanks for listen to me ramble!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

75 Floral Blocks to Crochet Review!

Since I am still a beginner when it comes to crocheting, I asked one of my good friends, Christine, to review 75 Floral Blocks to Crochet. Christine is amazing when it comes to crocheting, her work is beautiful. Here is what she had to say about this brand new book!

What did you think of the book?
Christine: "I am very excited about the new book,  75 Floral Blocks to Crochet.  The book was written by Betty Barnden and published by St. Martin’s Griffin."  
Who wrote the book?
Christine: "Betty Barnden has put together a beautiful collection of blocks patterns in several different shapes.  Her patterns vary in difficulty and are easy to follow.  
What is the layout of the book?
Christine: "Each pattern includes both written instructions and a chart showing each stitch.  The first two chapters  are full of techniques and color planning ideas, that I found  very useful and I will use in other projects not found in this book." 
What project did you make?
Christine: "I chose to make a square with my favorite flower, a daisy.  I have always used written instructions as opposed to a chart."

Christine: "I approached this project thinking I would not use the chart.  I was wrong!  I am now a fan of charts."
What was your experience like as you were making the daisy block?
Christine: "Again, the pattern was easy to follow.  All the information needed is on one page, so it is very easy to read as you go. I'm not sure what I am going to turn my daisy squares into, but I can’t wait to get started on another one!"  

Thank you Christine for reviewing this book! Your daisy block is perfect, I cant't wait to see how you will use it. If you liked her review please let us know and post a comment.
Best Wishes!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Sew Spoiled iPad Case for sale!

This beautiful iPad Folding Case is available in my Sew Spoiled Etsy Shop and it needs a new home! It is made from navy chevron and blossom fabrics.
Creating beautiful things for others is what Sew Spoiled is all about. 
Best Wishes!