Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Smart Tips!

One of the problems I face going into the fabric store is looking at each fabric as a new project to make. I tend to loose focus on the soul purpose of me being there (get elastic) and I come out of the store with a brand new project instead of the elastic I needed in the first place. Do you have this problem too?? 
Here are some helpful Smart Tips...
Use your smart phone as a list taker for your materials, notions, etc. that you need. 

This app is Notes from one of the built-in apps from Apple.
See a new project on Pinterest? Copy and paste the materials list to Sewing Shopping list for the store.
I am a List Taker Queen I so when I discovered the Reminders app, another built-in app on the iPhone. I instantly loved it.
You can set it to tell you when and where your projects are suppose to be done. This is a life saver around the holiday season. Especially when I am trying to make handmade goodness for everyone. When you complete a task, check it off your list. If you want to admire what you have completed you can click completed at the top.
Another great tip is to use your Smart phone for inspiration photos. If you do see a project you want to create snap a quick photo of it so you won't forget it. Inspiration can happen anywhere!


AllyJo said...

Smart and clever. Thanks for 'spoiling' us. I too can't focus in a fabric store. I get too excited.

Corrine said...

Dear Leah, you always have great ideas. I am a lister as well, couldn't get along without them. I was thinking about you late last night when pinning a quilt. I use the nine-patch pin cushion that I won in one of your give away's to store my quilting pins. I will have to take a picture and email it to you. I have so many pins in it you probably will not recognize it!