Sunday, October 28, 2012

PDF Patterns at the Tip of your Fingers

Someone asked me, "How do you get the PDFs into iBooks?" So today I am going to show you how to save your ePatterns, or PDF patterns into iBooks. It is a simple way to have your new sewing pattern wherever you go.
First save it into an online cloud storage place. Here I am using Dropbox but any online cloud storage site will do. 
Second open the online cloud site on your iPhone, iPad or smart device. Dropbox has an app for the iPhone and iPad.

Third choose the PDF you would like to place into iBooks.
Fourth open it in ibooks or your favorite ereader.

I like to store my epatterns here, especially while I am working on it. I can read it repeatedly, whenever I want. I also have the info with me at the fabric store when I am shopping. So I don't have to guess the yardage I need, I just look it up. When I finish I can delete it or add the next project.

Happy Sewing!


Bea García said...

Thanks for this info, Leah!

Jeannie said...

There's an easy way, too, if the PDF is emailed to you. Open the email, and the attachment. At the bottom right hand corner is a little logo-y thing. Hover over it, and it says Open In Safari. Click it. Say "yes" to message. When it opens in a brower window you'll have there'll be a "Open In I-books" option on the top right just below the address bar tab.