Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Little Girl/ Baby Doll Night Gown Tutorial

Sewing Skills needed Shirring
t-shirt (prewash your t-shirts) or light weight knit fabric
1/4" Elastic 
Elastic Thread
sewing machine and sewing notions

Step 1: Cutting Layout- cut the night gown shape using the template.
Step 2: Finish the edges of the collar and armholes with a serger or a zig zag stitch on your sewing machine. Choose a thread the same color as your ribbon. If you pull the edge slightly under the foot as you satin stitch, zig zag or finish the edges it will give you a lettuce hem or edge. Try this technique with a scrap piece of fabric first.

Step 3: Pin, right sides together the front and back shoulder pieces. Sew only one shoulder together. Finish the seam with a serger or a zig zag stitch on your sewing machine. If you are making the Baby doll version you don't have to finish all of the seams.

Prepare the sewing machine for shirring. Wind the bobbin by hand with elastic thread, check the tension of your machine and thread the upper thread of the machine normally. (Test on a scrap
piece of fabric.)

Step 4: Shirr the collar of the nightgown twice 1/2” then 5/8” away from the edge. For the Baby Doll version only shirr once.
Take out the elastic bobbin and set up the sewing machine to sew normally.

Step 5: Pin the open shoulder side, right sides together. Sew the shoulder side closed. Finish seam, when finishing the seams over the elastic threads I use three techniques knot the elastic thread together, sew over the elastic threads and zig zag stitch over them. This way they will stay secured and locked in place.

Step 6: Shirr the arm wholes of the nighty twice 1/2” then 5/8” away from the edge. 
Only shirr once for the baby doll version.
Shirring: Prepare the sewing machine for shirring. Wind the bobbin by hand with elastic thread, check the tension of your machine and thread the upper thread of the machine normally. Take out the elastic bobbin and set up the sewing machine to sew normally.

Step 7: Sew the sides of the nightgown together using a 1/2” seam allowance, finish the side seams with a serger or a zig zag stitch on your sewing machine.

Step 8: Make a cute ribbon bow and sew it to the front the nightgown.

Step 9: To make the bottom sides gather up, first flip the nighty inside out. Along the seam place a strip of 1/4” elastic over the seam (leave excess elastic behind the pressure foot, under the presser foot stretch the elastic 100% as you sew a wide zigzag stitch. Stop short of the bottom of the night gown and clip excess elastic. Hand sew a small bow over the gather on either side.
These are fun to make for sleepovers and fun summer nights.
Happy Sewing!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Happy Monday Sales!!

Happy Sewing Monday! Every Monday we will run a $5 ePattern sale for 24 hours!!
Use the coupon code THIRTYONE and receive free shipping on your own personalized skirt cover. I will be only making a few of these for a limited time. So don't miss out. These also make great Mother's day gifts. 

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Projects for your Stash!!!

If you are like me, you look at how much fabric you have in your stash and then you try to figure out how much you can make with it. I like to get the most out of my fabric, so I have created a list of my favorite projects and how much fabric they need. Maybe this list will help you too calculate what to make with your fabric stash! This collection has women's clothes, kids clothes, accessories and everything in between. Some of these are free tutorials and some are bought patterns but all of them are great!
More than a Yard:
Marianne Dress, by Christine Haynes Reviewed
Sutton Blouse, by True Bias Reviewed
Magic Pattern Book, 2 Yards Blythe Skirt
Two zipper hipster, 1.66 Yards Reviewed
Plantain T-shirt, 1.5 Yards Reviewed
Chevron Scarf, 2 Yards Free Tutorial
Sally Dress, 2-3 yards Reviewed
Washi Dress, 3 Yards Reviewed
Coffee Date Dress, 3 Yards Reviewed
Spring Wrap Dress, 3 Yards Reviewed
Heather Ross'sWeekend Sewing
Trapeze Dress (2.5) *Reviewed
Summer Blouse (2) *Reviewed
Sleep Pants (2.5) *Reviewed
Amy Butler Barcelona Skirt (2.5 focus)

Amy Butler Weekender Tote (2 focus)
Amy Butler Gum Drop pillows (2.25 focus) *Reviewed
Lazy Day Skirt 
Yoga Skirt by Patty Young Reviewed
Sweet Summer Frock Dress by Freshly Picked
Nursing Coverup by Bliss Tree
Men's Tie by WK Designer 
Camera Bag Purse Insert by Make It Love It
Simple Skirt by Grosgrain
Lizette Market Skirt by Liesl Reviewed
Half Yard:
Heather Bailey Marlo Bloom bag *Reviewed
Craft Apple Drawing case * Reviewed
Craft Apple Mini portfolio
Milk Crate Cover by Laura Dunn
Kid's Shorts by Made
Scrap Happy Projects/ Fat Quarter:
Tic Tac Toe Pincushion by me
Lanyard by me
American Doll Dress
Coffee/ Tea Cozy by House on the Hill
Bapron by Craftiness is Not Optional
Burp Clothes by Petite Lemon
Patchwork Tote by Creative Daisy
Brass Apple Jeans, Sassy Pants
Cupcake pincushions by Sandi Henderson
Fabric Covered Buttons by me
Tissue Holder by Whip Up
Ruffle Strap Flip Flop by Make It Love It
Camera Strap by Little Big Girls Studio
This list will grow as I continue to sew. My hopes are to add new projects and reviews to the list as I continue to blog about my sewing adventures.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Loft Shirt Remake!

I love shopping at the Loft. It is one of my favorite stores. I love looking through the store soaking up the fashion ideas and colors for the season. I recently bought 4 tops for $7 each on sell at the outlet store.  When I got them home I realized that the shape of the shirts were simple. I drafted a shirt template using the loft shirts (Adding a .5" seam allowance around the shirt and 1.5" at the bottom to fold up.) and remade the shirt below. Sometimes the best patterns come straight from your closet. If you have a piece of clothing that fits you really well, drafting a template from it is a good idea. 
It also justifies buying a new top. Now you've bought a top and a pattern all in one.
Happy Sewing!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Working On a Handmade Wardrobe

Here is a new piece for my spring wardrobe, an A-line skirt in warm colors. This simple skirt only needs 2 yards of fabric and an invisible zipper. I used my skirt tutorial to create it. I love that it matches my Sew Spoiled Braid Bag! My necklace is even handmade by my talented mother. Only the t-shirt is store bought from Target. 
My stripes did not match up but that is ok I still love it!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring has Sprung!

When I find a great pattern, I get hooked. I want to recreate it in every color and print imaginable. I love the way the "coffee date dress" fits. Well I just wanted to share with you the super All in One Facing Tip. 
First you sew the facing to the bodice like the picture above. Leaving the shoulders open at the tops.
Then you flip the front of the bodice right facing and keep the back of the bodice wrong side facing.
Place the front of the bodice through the hole of the back bodice. 
Sew the shoulder pieces together; facing to facing and bodice to bodice, just at the top of the shoulders.
Iron and topstitch around the armholes and neckline. It is so easy and it turns out every time. I think this would also work with the Washi Dress by Made by Rae. Might have to try that out.
Back to sewing!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Little Black Dress Refashion

This little black dress was given to me a few years ago but it was so old fashion, conservative and yucky that I have never worn it. The ruffles on the sleeves and neckline were appalling. Added with the weight of the knit sweater fabric made the dress unbearable to wear. 
I decided today either I fix it or it goes!
I had to first see the potential and look for the things I liked about it. 
I like the skirt length. 
I liked the bodice. 
So I had an idea, take the sleeves off and make it sleeveless!!!
First I took my seam ripper and took the sleeves off.
Then I ironed the old seam allowance wrong side together. This fabric is knit so I only folded it over once. However if I had fabric that would fray, I would have folded it over twice or use binding. 
 Finally, I topstitched the sleeveless armholes.
This is my fun little black dress. It looks great with my black boots or sandals and this cute hot pink belt. I am so glad I saved it after all this time. I only wished I had fixed it sooner.
Best wishes and tons of stitches!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Spring Wardrobe Collection

This is a collection of clothes I have made for myself over the years but there is no rhyme or reason. This spring I would like to challenge myself and make a spring collection. With dresses, tops and bottoms all coordinating so they all can be mixed and matched together. What fabric collection would you choose if you where going to make your own spring wardrobe collection? I like different blues but I would also like to try new things. What patterns would you use? I complied this mosaic together to see what patterns I have used over the years.  This is good because I can see that I don't have a good pants/ capris pattern yet and I am in need of finding one.

1. Coffee Date Dress, 2. Easter Dress, 3. Washi Front, 4. Washi Tunic with Tova Sleeves, 5. Denim Washi Dress, 6. Skirt (5), 7. Close up, New Skirt Simplicity 2211, 8. Skirt (2), 9. A Wrap Dress for me!, 10. Charlie Bag, 11. Colette Iris Shorts; http://sewspoiled.blogspot.com/2012/05/colette-iris-shorts-review.html, 12. Wiksten Tank, 13. Wiksten Tank Shirred, 14. New Sew Spoiled Tulip Blouse, Fabric Jo-Ann's by Leah, 15. Blossom Shirt, 16. Wiksten Tova Blouse, 17. Wiksten Tova Dress, 18. Finished!, 19. Porfolio Dress (1), 20. Bloomers, 21. Heather Bailey t-dress front, 22. T-Dress bow, 23. Schoolhouse tunic, 24. Amelia Shirt from froglegsandponytails, 25. PJ capris, 26. The Jacket, from Chic and Simple Sewing, 27. Afternoon tea jacket Pattern, 28. New Skirt close up, 29. Burda Swimsuit, 30. Shirred Mommy Dress
I have pinned tons of ides on Pinterest, I can't wait to get started. I think I will start with colors and fabrics first. Then choose the sewing patterns for my collection. Of course every great collection has accessories and I will be making some Sew Spoiled Goodness to go with my fun filled wardrobe. 
I could use some advice....
What fabrics/colors would you start with?
What pants/ capris sewing pattern would you recommend? (especially for petites?)
Thanks for your help!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Coffee Date Dress Take 2

I love my new dress! I can't believe how nice it came out. I also made it for under $10!! The fabric was on sale for $2.47 a yard! The free pattern is, Coffee Date Dress by the Selfish Seamstress, only calls for 2.5 yards. I am going to try to wear more dresses this spring season. If I can make my clothes for less, maybe I can spend more on shoes. LOL!
Here is a closer view of the ruffle. I am planning to wear a cardigan with it and the ruffle is the perfect accent. 
Back to sewing!

Coffee Date Dress!

A wonderful friend gave me this fab fabric!! I know a whole bolt!!! I love it because I can use it to try new dress patterns! Can you tell how excited I am. 
As I was wondering around in Pinterest, I found a sewing mecca of information at the Selfish Seamstress. She loves to sew fashionable wardrobe pieces for herself. She also happens to be petite!! Which I love, I am too on the short side. She uploads free sewing projects and that is where I found the Coffee Date Dress. She has it available in different sizes however there is no seam allowance. New concept for me. I ended up redrawing the seam allowance before cutting out my templates. 
This is the dress inside out, the pattern instructions calls for you to use another Burda Style tutorial called the All In One Facing. What is that you ask? It is awesomeness! The all in one tutorial shows you how to sew the raw edges of the neck line and armholes on a dress with an all in one facing. I will use this again and again with little girl dresses.
Well this was my first attempt, checking on the added seam allowance and darts. All is going well, if this dress works, I will have a basic dress pattern that I can accessorize in all sorts of ways. 
Best wishes!

Monday, April 1, 2013

How did Sew Spoiled learn to sew?

I often get this question, "How did you learn to sew?" and well, most of the time I tell people that my family taught me. Which is partly true, they inspired me. When I was younger I was surrounded by beautifully handmade things. We couldn't always afford the finer things and so my family would make them. My Great Grandmother made for me a Cabbage Patch doll from a sewing kit. My father built my first bicycle, mostly out of a Spiderman bike parts. :) I loved it! My mother would reupholster our couch when it needed a facelift. She also made my first concert black dress when I began to play the clarinet. I was enriched by the people around me. I loved the handmade treasures they made for me. Each handmade piece had a colorful story of how it was created.
It wasn't until I got older and had my first child that I realized I wanted to give my little ones handmade treasures. Gifts that were made by me and they could keep forever. Gifts that would have stories to share. That is why I started to sew. 
I looked online and to sewing books first. I borrow a beginner sewing machine and set to work. My mother excited about the idea of me creating would come over on the weekends to help. I started to take pictures of everything I made. My Flickr account is my sewing scrapbook. I fell in love with making one of a kind gifts for any one and everyone. Honestly that is where the name Sew Spoiled comes from. I was spoiled as a child with wonderful handmade gifts and now I hope my customers feel that way when they buy a Sew Spoiled product. 
This was my first sewing project only 6 years ago.
If you are thinking about starting to learn how to sew you should!! You will feel rewarded and be able to give a small piece of yourself each and every time you give a handmade gift to a family member or friend. It is easier to learn because of the internet. However sewing classes are fun too and you have the support of the class. 
Share how you learned to sew and post a comment.