Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring has Sprung!

When I find a great pattern, I get hooked. I want to recreate it in every color and print imaginable. I love the way the "coffee date dress" fits. Well I just wanted to share with you the super All in One Facing Tip. 
First you sew the facing to the bodice like the picture above. Leaving the shoulders open at the tops.
Then you flip the front of the bodice right facing and keep the back of the bodice wrong side facing.
Place the front of the bodice through the hole of the back bodice. 
Sew the shoulder pieces together; facing to facing and bodice to bodice, just at the top of the shoulders.
Iron and topstitch around the armholes and neckline. It is so easy and it turns out every time. I think this would also work with the Washi Dress by Made by Rae. Might have to try that out.
Back to sewing!

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