Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Spring Wardrobe Collection

This is a collection of clothes I have made for myself over the years but there is no rhyme or reason. This spring I would like to challenge myself and make a spring collection. With dresses, tops and bottoms all coordinating so they all can be mixed and matched together. What fabric collection would you choose if you where going to make your own spring wardrobe collection? I like different blues but I would also like to try new things. What patterns would you use? I complied this mosaic together to see what patterns I have used over the years.  This is good because I can see that I don't have a good pants/ capris pattern yet and I am in need of finding one.

1. Coffee Date Dress, 2. Easter Dress, 3. Washi Front, 4. Washi Tunic with Tova Sleeves, 5. Denim Washi Dress, 6. Skirt (5), 7. Close up, New Skirt Simplicity 2211, 8. Skirt (2), 9. A Wrap Dress for me!, 10. Charlie Bag, 11. Colette Iris Shorts;, 12. Wiksten Tank, 13. Wiksten Tank Shirred, 14. New Sew Spoiled Tulip Blouse, Fabric Jo-Ann's by Leah, 15. Blossom Shirt, 16. Wiksten Tova Blouse, 17. Wiksten Tova Dress, 18. Finished!, 19. Porfolio Dress (1), 20. Bloomers, 21. Heather Bailey t-dress front, 22. T-Dress bow, 23. Schoolhouse tunic, 24. Amelia Shirt from froglegsandponytails, 25. PJ capris, 26. The Jacket, from Chic and Simple Sewing, 27. Afternoon tea jacket Pattern, 28. New Skirt close up, 29. Burda Swimsuit, 30. Shirred Mommy Dress
I have pinned tons of ides on Pinterest, I can't wait to get started. I think I will start with colors and fabrics first. Then choose the sewing patterns for my collection. Of course every great collection has accessories and I will be making some Sew Spoiled Goodness to go with my fun filled wardrobe. 
I could use some advice....
What fabrics/colors would you start with?
What pants/ capris sewing pattern would you recommend? (especially for petites?)
Thanks for your help!

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twotoast said...

Oooh! You have some lovely 'springy' items already! Exciting times - I look forward to seeing your new wardrobe!