Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Interview with Ruth from Sew Love Fabrics

Today, Ruth from Sew Love Fabrics joins us to share more about herself, shop tips and advice. Her amazing Etsy Store, Sew Love Fabrics has become one of my favorite fabric shops.
Sew Spoiled: What is your favorite sewing tip?
Ruth: I would have to say my ruffler foot attachment. I purchased it and it took me a year of looking at it before I gave it a try. It's looks are very intimidating. Turns out, it's easy to put on and easy to use! No more pulling bobbin threads to gather :)
Sew Spoiled: When or how did you learn to sew?
Ruth: My mother taught me to sew. When I was growing up, she was always sewing something... clothes for me or my dolls, curtains, place mats, pillows... I loved to go to the department stores with her to pick out fabric.
Sew Spoiled: What is your favorite part about being a working at home Mom of 5?
Ruth: My favorite thing about working from home is well I guess because I'm home! Our youngest is 4 and isn't in school yet so I love that he is with me during the day and I don't have to leave him. I also love the flexibility of my hours, I can make my work fit around the rest of our incredibly busy schedule.
Sew Spoiled: How did you start your Sew Love Fabrics store?
Ruth: The idea of an online fabric shop came to me after the realization that there was such a thing as designer fabric. That there was more than Joann's and the fuddy duddy quilt shops that were near me. I think I stumbled across Heather Bailey's blog and ordered some of her fabric and that got the whole ball rolling! That and finding out about Etsy!
Sew Spoiled: What advice would you have for those of us who are starting a new crafty business?
Ruth: I would have to say set limits right from the start. I got to a point where I felt like all my kids did was talk to my back because I was constantly on the computer working. I try now to be finished with work by the time they start rolling in from school and then not start up again until they are in bed. I try to remind myself once in a while "When my kids are grown and someone asks them what they remember about their childhood.... I don't want them to say all my mom did was work at her business. She was always so busy..."

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celkalee said...

Thank you so much for introducing this lovely lady. I live in Pittsburgh and didn't know she existed. When I "Need" fabric I will keep her in mind, I have bookmarked the site, thanks again.