Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sew Preppy!

Simply cut a 7" long piece of ribbon sew two 1" d-rings to one side. Then place your napkin in the center and secure the belt loop.
This looks super easy and fun! Cut the end of a shirt sleeve approximately from the elbow to the cuff. Turn inside out and sew the elbow side closed. Finally, flip ride side out and put the cliff links on. Tie a
ribbon around the top for a party favor. 
I love this sash! This bow is so full and beautiful but my favorite part is the monogramming on the end. It really makes a personal statement. These would make great gifts for braids maids. Maybe have the sash be part of their dresses for the wedding but then after they could wear it like this with another casual outfit.
Happy Sewing!

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