Tuesday, May 29, 2012

May 2012 Sundress Giveaway!

This months giveaway is a little different and new! 
I am going to make one sundress for the winner! 
It will be a commissioned dress (just one). Which means the winner will get to shop at Fabric Shoppe, pick out one fabric print (tell me the print and I will order it) and I will make a special beautiful sundress! The available dress sizes are 2T-8. All you have to do is follow my blog and tell us about your favorite family summer adventure! Have you ever gone on vacation with the family and something unexpected happened? Share with us a funny summer vacation story.
Giveaway Rules!
+Our Giveaway will run May 29-June 1, 2012, with the winner being announced June 2, 2012!
+The winner will be selected by Random.org
+The package will be shipped to the winner by June 15, 2012.
+ To enter to win follow Sew Spoiled and post a comment on this blog post tell us about your favorite family summer adventure. Maybe you you went on vacation and something unexpected happened. :0)
+Only one comment please per person.

+This giveaway is open to US residents.

+Leave your EMAIL ADDRESS, you can leave it as: leah(dot)sewspoiled(at)gamil(dot)com
+This giveaway ends June 1, 2012 at 10PM Eastern Standard Time.


Jenna@CallHerHappy said...

Our last family vacation: the septic tank exploded into the bathroom.

We had to evacuate!

We call it the crappiest vacation ever :)


Twins Squared said...

What a special giveaway! I love going to New Hampshire in the summer. Once my husband, my twin girls who were 2 at the time and I went hiking in the NH mountains. We were about a mile into the hike when the most unbelievable lightning storm rolled in. My husband and I each grabbed a girl and booked it down the mountain. We are still talking about it.
Thanks for the great giveaway!
twins-squared (at) hotmail (dot) com

Karrie S said...

Nothing exciting ever happens on my vacations ;( I guess that's a good thing! I really don't go far from home for vacation. Perhaps that's why. Thanks for the chance to win. I know a little girl who would be so grateful to win.

Lexi said...

What a lovely idea! Our summers are usually full of beach visits and board games played inside in the airconditioning. Not very exciting but the kids love it. lexilucas@gmail.com

Sandy said...

What a great giveaway... I know a little girl who would love to have a cute dress made for her!

When I was little, my family went on vacation, but my Dad got so mad that me and my three sisters would not behave that he turned the car around and we went home!!

Beth said...

When I was little my family rented a huge RV and drove the whole east coast to visit my cousins. But we didn't tell them we were coming! They were SO surprise and happy to see us!

mframe said...

GFC blog follower- mframe00
Last year we went to Florida. It was the first time my two younger girls had seen the ocean. Being a good swimmer we decided the girls didn't need life vests if my husband and I were just going to hold them. We went out a little ways and all of a sudden a huge wave hit. I was holding the youngest (1 at the time) and the wave knocked me off my feet. I knew I couldn't let go of my daughter but was struggling to get my feet back down the whole time keeping my daughters head above water. Finally I surfaced and my daughter was screaming. Needless to say both girls wore life vests after that.

Signe said...

This year one of our vacations will be taking the 3 middle school aged grands to Washington DC. We have 13 grand children and as each of them reach middle school age we do this trip. My father is buried in Arlington so we always incorporate that into the week long visit. On our last vaca to DC we had a problem with our hotel check-in and to compensate they put us up in a lovely 2 bedroom COTTAGE for a full week!! A great upgrade from a typical 2 bed hotel room!!! Thanks for offering this sweet give-a-way!

Mandy BJ said...

Our big family goes on vacation normally once a year to the beach. I think the best vacation of all was when my mom's family traveled to Orlando for one of our cousin's wedding and we made a Disney trip out of it. We all drove...when wasn't bad until we got down there and knowing what happens when you drive a long time, have children and other families...there is that moment when people argue...but after a good night sleep...everyone was ready the next day for a wonderful trip. That trip we had 30+ family members together! Don't see that big of a vacation often to say the least.


Anonymous said...

My favorite memories are of summer vacations camping at the lake with our daughter and son. Whether we camped in a tent or in the camper the quality time with the kids was great. We all loved the water, cooking together and just all being lazy together!!! Now, my daughter has a son of her own and we lost our son at the age of 22....so the memories of the special times at the lake will always be cherished and remembered.
Thanks so much for all of the wonderful ideas to work with and the terrific giveaways....so much inspiration to offer!!!