Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Top 5 Accessories for Your Spring Handmade Wardrobe

Here are some ideas for your spring handmade wardrobe. These are simple wardrobe items that will make any handmade garment look great!
White tennis shoes are a must! When I am choosing crazy colorful prints I want to wear something simple on my feet. I can always count on my white tennis shoes. They look great with anything; capris, shorts, casual skirts and dresses. 
White, black and brown sandals are great with any handmade dress or skirt.
Thin or thick leather belts in brown or black will give any handmade dress or tunic more shape.
Tie it around your waist for a finished look.
Jewelry of very color from the color wheel! If you love color as much as I do you will want to accessorize all of your handmade garments. Choose jewelry pieces that pick up a coordinating color in you fabric.
I carry my jean jacket with me everywhere! Most restaurants and shops run the AC so high in the spring/summer, I freeze, so I wear my jean jacket. I have also noticed that it can pull an outfit together. Roll the sleeves up and wear your jean jacket with a handmade dress or tunic. I did not list any bags because I love making handmade bags that match my outfits. No matter what project I am sewing there is always a scrap piece from it, use it to make a wristlet, handbag or shoulder bag for your new outfit!
Enjoy sewing and shopping for your handmade items! 

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