Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Colette Iris Shorts Review

Was this project easy to make? Yes, however you need to know how to curve/straight stitch, install an invisible zipper and finish your seams
How long did it take you? 4 hours on first pair 3 hours on second.
Where can I find sewing a tutorial or video to help me make this project?
Sizing, was the chart correct did you have to adjust the project? Originally, I looked at the finished garment size and worried that a size 8 would not fit, so I made the size 10. It was way to large, the second pair are a size 6! 
*I do have a tip on sizing for this project. Cut only one waistband, pieces E (front) and F (back) out of your fabric.  Baste stitch the two pieces E and F right sides together on one side, you can see if the size of the waistband is correct by wrapping it around your waist. If it is too large cut the next size down, if it is too small cut the next size up. If it feels right continue to cut out the rest of your fabric.* 
I love that it is available online as an ePattern!!! If I loose a template piece, I just print it. I only print the templates and use my iPad to read the rest of the ePattern.  It is also $4 cheaper!! 
This is a picture of of the pockets. I am not totally sold on the pocket placement of these shorts. They are right in front and you probably don't want to place anything inside them.
This is the invisible zipper installation, if you have never installed one, make sure you watch Grosgrain's video tutorial.
Overall, I love my new shorts.  They look professional enough to wear to work. I gave my sister the first pair and she loves them. 
My next pair will have the buttons on the pockets! :) 
Let me know if this review was helpful to you and please leave a comment.
Best wishes and tons of stitches!


Eunice said...

Nice work. I just bought the epattern today and can't wait to sew it. I've a question though. My hip is 1 size bigger than my waist so if I follow my waist size, it will be size 8 but will it be too tight on the hip? Does Iris sits at your natural waist or on the hip??

Sew Spoiled said...

Hmm, it sits on your waist line not your hip. These are not low cut shorts.

Ginger said...

Thanks for reviewing these shorts. Your review is the first I have read since the pattern was release. I love how they look but I'm not sure the pocket placement is for me and my "curvy" hips. :-) I wonder if the pockets would be easy to move?

Second Hand Rose said...

I adore the material! Thanks for the review on the pattern, these look great! XxxX http://thesecondhandrose.blogspot.co.uk/

Susan said...

Gorgeous results. I'm sewing mine right now.