Thursday, May 10, 2012

New Dress Sewing Patterns!

Look at these cute dresses! I can't wait to make them! I am so excited about making my own wardrobe this season. I am tried of wearing the same thing t-shirts and pants or jeans. I want to work on wearing a variety of beautiful handmade clothes. 
The Chelsea and Derby dress patterns were designed by Christine Haynes. 
She has the patterns on preorder right now! 
I love the keyhole and peter pan collar on the Mis Mozelle Dress designed by Jamie Christina. You can find this dress and more at her Etsy shop.
This pattern is the Maxi dress by Pat Bravo. This looks like the perfect graduation dress. You could change the length and have a different style of dress too, short sundress.
Look you can find Pippa's Dress pattern here at Style Arc. Style Arc is based in Australia and looks like a fun place to find new modern sewing patterns.
What are you sewing? Do you have anything on your sewing table?
What would you like to make for yourself?


Anne H said...

Your article is amazing! Keep up the good job. Congrats!

Kate said...

I love Pippa's dress and now the pattern is available .... if only I had the figure to wear it!!!

Alexandra said...

thank you for sharing this link to an excellent pattern source.