Thursday, June 19, 2014

New Cream and Navy Dress!

This is my new cream and navy dress! It is so soft and comfortable. I used the  #6 dress as my inspiration. I did not create a front pocket like the  picture below and my neck line is a little different. I found some orange poly-cord to use as my tie, to give it a little color. If I could add a chunky orange necklace and nautical brackets, this outfit would be complete. 

I love the #5 dress that two of our readers suggested but when I looked at the amount of fabric I had, I did not have enough to complete the dress. I think I might still have to buy more fabric and create it, I agree #5 is amazing!! (Below) The skirt is a circle skirt attached to a tank style top. I also love the side pockets. She looks ready to dance!
Going back to the making of my dress...
I used a free tutorial by It's Always Autumn, Easy Tee Tutorial. It is a size large but Autumn shows you how to size it for any size. I also had to line my knit dress because this knit fabric was too thin. This is a common problem when buying knit fabric online. You can not feel the weight until it arrives. In order to line this dress, I first sewed the two lining and two focus fabric pieces right sides together along the shoulder seams. Then I separated the two parts and sewed the focus fabric under the arm holes and along the sides seams and repeated for the lining.
Then, I put the lining and focus fabric together used my serger for the head and arm holes. I folded the serged edges to topstitch and hemmed the bottom of the dress.
This dress was fast to make once everything was cut out. Thanks for your comments! 

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