Monday, June 9, 2014

Swimsuit Embroidery Tutorial

Yeah, it is summertime and I am so excited to start a fun filled summer vacation with my kids. We are planning beach trips and pool time, so when I looked at my old swim suit from last year, I realized I needed a new one. Looking online I saw these cute bikini tops and they were embroidered! I had to try it and here is how you can embroider your own.
First, hoop your tearaway interfacing into your hoop.
Second, place the water soluble topper over the swim suit top and pin everything together. (The red and yellow dots are pins.)
Third, place your hooped swim suit under the embroidery machine. Embroider your initials. I used 2" letters to embroider. I highly recommend matching the embroidery thread with the swim suit bottoms. (You will need to use a ballpoint needle.) 
If you are want to find blanks for embroidery here are some great resources...
Best wishes and tons of stitches!


Anonymous said...

So cute! I assume you used a ballpoint needle for the swimsuit fabric. Is your tearaway stabilizer a sticky stabilizer, or did you use any kind of adhesive? Also, what are those little yellow & red things I see? are those the pins? I have a terrible time getting a straight pin into hooped fabric or hooped stabilizer, so wondering what are your tricks? Lastly, what software do you use for lettering/monogramming? THANK YOU!

Leah Williams said...

Yes, I used a ballpoint needle. I usually use a spray adhesive but I was out, so I didn't this time. Plus you have two pieces of fabric that you are embroidering through, pinning is a must. It can slip.
Pinning Tip: I pin one side and then the direct opposite side. (top, bottom, left, right) I think that helps.
I did use Stitch Era (when it was free) now I am looking at Embrilliance. It is a mac program and can be bought through iTunes. Has anyone tried Embrillance???
Thanks for your comments.

Anonymous said...

THX for your quick reply! What I have trouble w/on pinning is getting the pin to go in & then come back out b/c of the tautly hooped stabilizer that I am trying to pin to. My machine breaks thread constantly when I use sticky stabilizer so I'm not using it any more. Pretty good luck w/Dritz basting glue stick around edges (outside of stitching area), & will also try LIGHTLY spraying a spray adhesive next time I am "non-hooping". I have never tried any software. All I do is monogra & there is a lady I buy custom moograms from for now! I love your blog, your projects, and your tips!

James Hunsberger said...

Hey I noticed on your sidebar that 3dcart is shown as a crafty idea option for the techies out there. It is, I have been trying to get creative with themes and options to show the masterpiece