Thursday, May 1, 2008

Sew Spoiled Putting on Snaps Turorial

Putting on Snaps with a Heavy Duty snap kit.
This is the last part of the Sew Spoiled Gadget pouch pattern.
The entire pattern is available at!!!
1. Practice does make perfect and 8 come in a package. So try it out before trying it on your new
Sew Spoiled gadget pouch.
2. You might not know your own strength. You can always tap more if it is not on very well but you
can’t take it back. So if you tap too hard you can smash up the snap on to your pouch.
3. Don’t throw away snap mistakes just take some pliers and take the smashed snap off. Try again!!
Step 1: Get out your hammer, Snap parts A and B. Mark the fabric where you want the snap.

Step 2: Punch a hole on the mark using the metal anvil and hole puncher.

Step 3: Place Part A’s post through the hole and put part B over Part A’s post. Place a piece of tissue over the metal anvil to cushion the snap as you hammer the two pieces together using the attaching tool. Hammer a few times and look at the post and snap cap to check to see how you are doing.

Step 4: Again make a mark on the fabric. Open the pouch, puncture a hole on the mark using the metal anvil and hole puncher.

Step 5: Place the metal anvil (raised side) inside the pouch, push part C’s post through the hole. Place Part D over Part C’s post. Underneath Part C should fit inside the metal anvil. On top tap Part C’s post down with the attaching tool and hammer.

Get the whole Sew Spoiled Gadget Pouch PDF Pattern at


Anonymous said...

You are so talented!

Sew Spoiled said...

Thanks I hope this helps a little.

Mandi said...

Great tutorial! I got one of those pliers because every time I'd do it by hand, it'd look SO sloppy. I must not have your skill ;-)