Friday, October 10, 2008

Sew Mama Sew!!

Recently I have been linked to Sew Mama Sew!! Thank you Beth for the wonderful opportunity to share my work with your readers. If this is your first time stopping by my blog, please free to say "Hi!". I love reading comments from my readers. It inspires me to write more:)
The reason for the link is my Classroom Cozy Tutorial. I downloaded the tutorial to scrib so you would be able to down load the PDF file to your home computer. Just click on download and save it to your own computer.
I was asked by a wonderful Kindergarten teacher to make a class set and once I did I realized that this pattern would be useful for anyone parents or teachers. Plus it is extremely easy to make since it uses only straight stitching. Thanks again Beth! I hope you give this free tutorial a try. Happy Sewing! ;)

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