Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sew Spoiled Laptop Sleeve Pattern Made with Success!

Hey Everyone! Take a look at what Julia, Flickr name 9crafty11, from Australia made!! She belongs to the Sew Spoiled Designs Flickr group. She shared her creation she made for her brother's birthday with all of us. It looks terrific! I have to share with you, it was actually her idea to add the straps. I wrote a post about the Sew Spoiled Laptop sleeve PDF pattern being available and she wrote back...
"Just a suggestion...I work at the airport, & so many passengers have their laptops with them. Here in Australia, the laptop is a free hand luggage item, so it means they would have to carry them separately from their main hand luggage to get the weight down. Is this pattern easy to adapt to add on straps perhaps, so they can carry over the shoulder & keep their hands free? I think this would be an awesome gift idea for a male! Cheers Julia"
It was very easy to write the pattern with straps, thanks Julia for your suggestion and pictures. If you have any ideas or suggestions share!!! You never know, you might just get what you've asked for. Do you need a pattern for something but you do not have the time to put it together yourself. Or do you have a Sew Spoiled pattern and you would like to change it for another use? Post a comment and share!


Ophelia Miller Boutique said...

I love it. Great for a guy!!!

9crafty11 said...

Thanks Leah for taking note & actioning it..I'm amazed that you did it, & it works perfectly!