Saturday, June 27, 2009

Fabric Cork Board

Fabric Cork Board
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4- 12"X12" cork boards
2- Fat Quarters of fabric 18"X22"
1- spool of ribbon
Stapler filled with staples
Heat and Bond Ultra-Hold fuse (in the white and red package)
Glue (I used fabric glue but wood glue would work even better.)

This is a fun and fast way to brighten up any space! I bought four 12"X12"cork boards from Lowes. (Total price $7.00) I had some fabric scraps a little larger than the size of the cork board but fat quarters from your local quilt shop would work. I cut the fabric 13.5"X 13.5" so I could put it around the cork board and staple it to the other side. Before pulling the fabric around the cork board I did one extra step. I really wanted to make sure that over time my fabric would not sag and droop down off the cork. So I cut 12"X12" of Heat and Bond Ultra-Hold fused it to the back, center of my fabric and fused my fabric to the front of my cork board. Then I stretched the fabric over the edge of the cork and stapled it to the back of the cork board. Finally, I glued the back of the fabric covered board and placed another plain cork board piece over the glue. I stapled the ribbon to the back for hanging and Ta-Da!! If you want to dress up it a little more, use some of the Heat and Bond to fuse a picture onto the front of the board. My inspiration board is done!! I will share some more pictures. I am going to make a Thankful board to rest beside my inspirational board. When you post what you are thankful for having already and what you would like to receive, things start to happen!
Happy Crafting!!


Stacey said...

that is adorable..what a great idea!

Kimberly said...

Thank you for the wonderful idea! My daughter is going off to College next year, this will be great to send with her. I've seen them in the stores and they charge allot for them. Doing it myself I will be able to buy some of the Japanese fabric that she so loves, and still save some money.

Melissa said...

Now, I am not incredibly crafty, but I am so going to do this! Already called the store to see if they carry the Heat n Bond!
I can't wait to get started! I am going to make one for each of the moms in my homeschool group!
Thank you for sharing!