Sunday, September 20, 2009

Petal Knot Jumpers Dresses

One of my favorite things to do is make clothes for my two little girls. They are so cute and fun! I have been collecting Patty Young's fabric from the Mezzanine collection this summer. I love the colors and designs. I decided to make a Petal Knot Jumper from Sandi Henderson's, Claire Pattern, so they could wear the jumpers through the fall months. There is not much of a Sew Spoiled Twist. I just made the skirt from the same fabric (instead of two toned like the pattern suggests) and did not add the apron (I did not want to hide the beautiful skirt fabric). The first thing my girls did when they tried them on was test the spin factor, which must have scored high because they continued to twirl most of the day way.
Happy sewing!

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Lynne in NC said...

Cutie pies in adorable dresses.
Great job!