Sunday, November 15, 2009

Gift Idea #1, Holiday Aprons!

I am trying to get ready for the holiday season. I have found some awesome crafty gifts for this year. My plan is to make them and post the ideas for you. As I go through my Christmas list teacher gifts were my first to complete. Since, I have a 6 year old who is in a class that has a teacher, student teacher, teacher assistant and not to mention the 7 enhancement teachers (me included). I needed a quick pattern that made a lot in a short amount of time. I found a wonderful apron tutorial at Fabritopia it is called Apron in an hour! Even though they are not all bakers I am sure that these will be a huge hit!
I had 7.5 yards of Funky Christmas fabric from Micheal Miller's Christmas collection. 7.5 Yards makes 10 Aprons!!! This little ball of scraps is all that was left after cutting and dividing up the fabric. That was my favorite part.
I hope you give this tutorial a try!


Kelly O. said...

I love that you posted the scrappy ball! the aprons are smashing!

Country Mouse said...

Those aprons are adorable!! Sure to be a very welcoming gift!!! Thanks for sharing!