Sunday, June 5, 2011

Scallop Hat by Very Purple Person

I found this beautiful fabric on sale at Target. This table cloth measuring 60”X84” was marked at $9.00 but was on sale for $6.95! I had to buy it!
As soon as I saw this bright lemon fabric I knew exactly what to make with it. I have been following Grosgrain: Free Pattern Month and on day 21 Native from verypurpleperson shared the Scallop Hat Tutorial.
I cut everything out and traced the seam allowance.
If I had it to do over I would practice stitching the lining cap first and then make the outer shell cap second.
It looked like a spaceship at this point, turning the rim right side out.
It is a fun hat to wear. Thank you Novita for sharing this tutorial and all of your sewing adventures with us!
You are so amazing!
“Tut-tut It looks like rain!”
Happy Sewing!

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Jennwith4 said...

Love the last pic!!