Monday, October 17, 2011

New iPad2 Case from Cork

I just wanted to share a sewing project with you.
I recently made myself a new Sew Spoiled iPad2 folding case. It is made from cork fabric or cork leather.
The cork is soft like leather and sturdy! It is probably buoyant but let’s not test that out. :)
I also tested out clear elastic. I have been very skeptical about using clear elastic.
It looks as if it would tear after sewing it to the case. However my kids and I have been using my case for over a week and the elastic has held up beautifully.
I really like the look with the white face of the iPad2. I will let you know otherwise if something happens.
There is something new in this picture but I am going share more details later.
I hope you enjoyed these pictures!


SewTara said...

We went to Portugal a few years ago and apparently making things out of cork is big there. My hubby got a wallet and he's been using it since. The cork ages lovely and is super durable! In fact the cork is fine while the lining has started to fall out.
If only he knew someone who could sew . . .

evaevaeva923 said...

Leah, that is gorgeous and such a great idea! Is the cork difficult to find?