Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Dress Up a Gift Bag Tutorial!

Here is a easy way to create your own product bags or make gifts bags with an extra special message.
All you need is a scrap piece of vinyl, contact paper, poly drawstring bags, Silhouette machine or vinyl cutter and your computer.
First design your phrase or logo in Silhouette. Then send it to your Silhouette machine.
Remember when you are cutting vinyl make sure you set it low and slow for best results.IMG_1489-2012-03-6-12-08.jpg
Remove all of the excess vinyl away from your design.
Place the vinyl on contact paper so you can transfer it onto your gift bag.
Rub the contact paper with an old credit card to make sure the vinyl will stick on the contact paper.
Place the logo or message on your bag.
Peel the contact paper away. If the vinyl sticks to the contact paper, like you see here in the picture, lay the contact paper down again and rub the area over.
Once the contact paper is off, you have your design on your poly bag! The possibilities are endless!
I love reusing gift bags this idea could be used to dress up a recycled bag.
Enjoy being craft!

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