Thursday, December 27, 2012

Merry Christmas!

I am sorry for not writing. It has been hard to find words. I have been holding my kids closer and spend more time with my family, texting less and enjoying the small things in life.
I am back and so excited about sharing more with you!
 The girls and I did finish their Christmas Dolls with the Advent Calendar. I have to admit we got into a grove and finished them early. I wish, I had made one for me too.
My oldest, Miss Penguin, really got into the details of her doll.
She added a heart name tag on the doll's skirt.
I thought that was so smart and it was all her idea. Of course little sister had to have that too.
I made a few handmade Christmas gifts I wanted to share... 
I etched this Pyrex pan with a product called Etch All. I used my Silhouette to cut out the decal design, placed the vinyl where I wanted the design to go and then placed Etch All cream over it for 15 minutes. Wash the surface and you have your design on the glass. Here is a great tutorial on how to DIY. This was so easy!!! I wish I figured this out before Dec. 24th. Hehehe:)
I made this scarf by double knitting it on a rectangular loom. It was so soft! 
For Christmas, I received Boots! Not just one pair, which is all that I asked for, but two pair (brown and black)!!! I had no idea how much it can help your wardrobe!!! I can wear my spring time skirts/dresses with leggings/hose and layers. They are so warm! Now, I can make myself some boot cuffs, smiles! I think I might sew a few more Schoolhouse Tunics and Tova Tops too. Our December giveaway will be coming soon so look out for it. 
Enjoy the small things in life!

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Norma's Clay said...

There's nothing better than enjoying our kids and the "small" things in life. Merry Christmas!