Thursday, August 8, 2013

Key Fob Tutorial

It is so easy to make key fobs and people love them as gifts. You may already know how to create these little jewels but we wanted to make sure since this project is also profitable. If you have a friend who you've tried to persuade to sew with you, this might be the line and sinker you need. You might have also noticed that these pieces are scraps from my Tailgate Teammate Tote pattern (the pattern comes out Aug. 26th!). Save your scraps because you can make money with them. The hardware is cheap and the scraps are free! Ok, enough about how much I love key fobs, here is the tutorial.
One piece of scrap fabric measuring, 2"X 10"
One piece of interfacing measuring 2"X 10"
One piece of 1.25" webbing measuring 10"
Key fob hardware (Go to Etsy and search Key Fob Hardware)

Step 1: Cut out the fabric and interfacing. I am using the team fabric seen here. Since the design I want is in a diagonal I have positioned the template this way. Positioning the fabric is the key to your success! 
Step 2: Iron the fabric to the interfacing. 
Step 3: Fold the fabric with interfacing in half. This will give you a center crease line. Fold the fabric .5" toward the center crease line and press.
Step 4: Repeat and fold the opposite side.
Step 5: Pin the fabric to the webbing. Honestly, I do not pin. If you know you can position and hold everything in place skip this step.
Step 6: Sew the fabric to the webbing. Sew as close to the edge of the fabric as you can along both sides.
Step 7: Secure the key fob hardware to the webbing-fabric. I finally bought one of these special key fob pliers but you can use just normal pliers with a piece of cloth over the hardware.
You are done! 
You can make a bucket full of key fobs, carry them in your car with you and sell them for $5-10 to everyone you know. I have friends who have me make a key fob for them each year. You can make these with sweet coin purses to match for gifts!
Make money with your sewing machine!


Debbie Perkins said...

I just saw your pin. I made a bunch today. Easy! So dang cute! I figure what I cant sell, will be gifts for Christmas. I didn't use the facing material, I just turned under the edge and stitched, then I stitched the other side. I found gret webbing, and sewed red/grey houndstooth on it. Sharp. Thanks for the post.

Anonymous said...

Sorry. Grey webbing.