Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Magic Pattern Book, Cecelia Dress

The Cecelia Dress is another sewing pattern from the Magic Pattern Book by Amy Barickman. You might be thinking I know that dress it is a peasant dress but you would be wrong! Amy takes you through a few different steps and before you know it you have a new lovely frock!

One of the wonders of this pattern is the scallop sleeve. It is the reason this dress is not your typical peasant dress pattern. The scallop sleeve was a new skill I learned today. I will probably use this technique over and over again.
I love pockets, so the large size pocket is great to house pens, markers and tissues for kids. The belt ties in an adorable bow on the front of the dress which makes me feel like I am wearing an apron. The belt also gathers the dress fabric around the waist and helps to give shape to your silhouette. The last fantastic feature of the Cecelia Dress is how versatile it is. I can wear this dress now in the summer with sandals or flats. I can also wear this dress in the fall with a cardigan and pair of boots. 
*More sewing reviews from this book; Blythe skirt and Charlotte shirt.

Best wishes and tons of stitches.


Lynne in NC said...

Nice detail on the sleeve -- tulip! Love the fabric choice, too. Thank you for sharing.

Jo said...

Hi Leah,

I love the items you have made from this book! I know I may be a little late commenting (more than a year!) but you're one of the very few bloggers who reviewed this book AND made items of clothing from it!