Monday, November 24, 2014

Finished Antler Cardigan Sweater

I truly love how well the Antler Cardigan turned out. I made this one for my youngest daughter and she says she loves it. I made it from Vanna's Choice, 100% Acrylic yarn. I knew that this sweater would have to be able to go through the washer and dyer. I had never attempted a few of the knitting techniques in this pattern, so I was learning as a go.
Some of the new techniques for me were...
Making a sweater bottom up,
Cable knitting,
Joining sleeves,
Button band, and
Kitchener stitch.
I found youtube videos on all of these skills. We are so lucky that you can learn from others online. I also adored going to online and seeing all of the Antler Sweaters others had made. It really helped and inspired me to continue knitting.
I love that now I know how to knit this sweater! I can make it in any size! I started on this project Nov. 8th and finished it Nov. 22. That is only 15 days!  
I got two thumbs up! Awesome!

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