Friday, February 27, 2015

Kelly Green, Antler Sweater

I finished my Antler Sweater from Tin Cats knits and I love the way it looks. These are just some buttons I had. They are acting as place holders until my beautiful buttons arrive! I am trying to be patient. The only change I made this time was with the sleeves. I made them more form fitting than on my first purple sweater. It was purely by accident, I knitted 16 down before realizing I was suppose to be increasing. I wrote the arm pattern down and just did the exact same thing on sleeve two.
I also learn how to make the body of your sweater look like one solid piece of fabric. In the purple sweater, I have these nubby knots where I stopped and started the new skeins.  

While I was knitting the green sweater, I realized that if I would start and stop the new skeins on the sides, no one would ever see the tails of the yarn. The finial result is a sweater body that looks like one solid piece of fabric.  
These are the small details that make your final projects look better. 
For my next knitting project, I am thinking about this raglan cropped sweater. It is knitted top- down and I have found a video tutorial from to help me through it. I am thinking about a red or hot pink color to wear over my White Plum,  polka dot dress below. 
What do you think? Would a pink or red cardigan look better?

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