Monday, March 2, 2015

Craftsy Sewing Kits

I love to sew but I find it hard to get out to the fabric store which is 50 minutes away, one way! So after I received an email from Craftsy about their Craftsy sewing kits on sale, 60% off retail price, I knew this would be a great opportunity to get a few projects and have them sent straight to my front door. By the way, for me this is like receiving Stitch Fix in the mail, except I got to pick it out and keep all of it. Ok, it's nothing like Stitch Fix.
Here are the two projects I picked....
First up, is this knit pencil skirt. I know what your thinking, "This is super easy to make, didn't you make that already?" Yes, I did make it already by refashioning an old dress. But I did not have a pattern and the sewing kit was only $14.99 with fabric and the McCall's 6654 pattern! Plus my refashioned knit skirt that I love, I wore slam out and there's a hole in the fabric. Speaking of fabric they are sending me Ponte Roma in black. Sometimes it is hard to know what the best fabric is to use for a project like this and it is so nice that they are sending me what is best. 
My second choice!!!
It is almost spring and I wear this style of shirt for work all of the time. Usually these shirts cost any where between $30-$50. I found the Butterick 5678 pattern and fabric for only $22.49. Once I get the right fit, I can see myself making a ton of these shirts. It is really a smart design. Instead of side darts, it is a princess cut shirt with pockets over it. Much more flattering, but you do have to get the sizing right. They are send me 3 yards of Robert Kaufman Carolina Gingham in this light blue. 
Can't wait to start sewing!

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