Sunday, March 3, 2013

Refashion Knit Dress

 I hate looking into my closet and seeing clothes that I never wear. It is a waste of space and fabric. Usually I toss the unworn article into a pile and take it to Good Will. I found this garment that was given to me awhile back. It is a knit dress with a zipper in the back. The high neck line and long skirt made me feel yucky, so I never wore it.
I cut the top of the dress off that had the zipper attached to it. Then placed a mini skirt from my closet, that I love to wear, over the knit fabric. I cut around it 1/2" for my seam allowance. With my seam ripper, I opened the bottom hem on either side, so I could reapply it after sewing the side seams. After trying it on I realized that the top of the skirt could use some elastic for extra support. So I created a casing at the top and threaded the elastic through. This knit skirt is now my most comfortable skirt in my closet!! I love to wear it with my black boots! Best Wishes and tons of Stitches!

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