Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Vinylize Rain Boots Tutorial

I love hand me downs. These rain boots were give to us by our cousins. They fit perfectly but needed some color. The girls and I decided to vinylize them with hot pink vinyl!!! Here is what you need if you want to personalize your own rain boots.
Rain Boots
Step 1: Measure the amount of space you have to work with and clean your rain boots.
Step 2: Program Silhouette or cutting machine to cut the initials or vinyl out. I only used their first initial because their boots were so small, I only had 2" to work with.
Step 3: Place contact paper over the design and peel off. Now it is ready to stick on the rain boots.
Step 4: Stick the vinyl directly to the rain boots and rub the contact side with a plastic gift card.
Step 5: Peel the contact paper off the boot. You are done!
Have fun personalizing your rain boots! 

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