Friday, February 12, 2016

Kids Sew; American Girl Doll Simplicity Pattern Clothes

My daughter received these adorable sewing kits for her American Doll. Simplicity has created some every cute dresses and accessories for her doll. We traced the patterns so we would be able to make more dresses. As you can see in the next picture the fabric is printed on with the template of the dress in outlined in black. I let Miss K set to work. She was able to cut everything out herself. 

After cutting everything out, I helped with ironing the dress and setting up the sewing machine. Miss K began sewing. We worked on straight stitching and tacking the ends. This dress has curved arm holes so I helped her with stitching in a curve. Everything was simple to put together.

Doesn't Grace look great! My daughter added a belt to draw in the waist line. This is definitely a dress pattern we will make again! 

The pockets are real little pockets! We made the purse too! We are looking forward to making more beautiful clothes for her American Girl Doll. The next Simplicity pattern pack came with 5 templates and a small book with instruction. We like to choose our own fabric, so that is one advantage. Miss K is great at color combinations and adding trims.

This is a side view of Grace's new dress. Hope you give this a try!

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Jean said...

She did a great job! How old is she? I've been teaching my granddaughter
and my great niece to sew. Now they each have their own machines. One
of my grandsons is itching to learn now too! Keep up the good work.