Monday, May 30, 2016

T-Shirt made from ready wear Dress

I have been on the hunt for the perfect t-shirt sewing pattern. The closest perfect t-shirt I have found that is almost perfect is the Plantain Shirt from Deer and Doe. I wanted a different look so I tried tracing a ready to wear knit dress. I wanted the fit without buying another apparel pattern and wondering if the fit would be right. I laid the ready to wear dress on a large piece of paper on the floor and traced the front and back of the dress. I traced the whole dress incase later I wanted to make one, then I folded the paper template so I would have the correct size for a t-shirt. I traced the sleeve carefully by using the fold line at the top of the sleeve and drawing the curve. The neck line did not have a collar, so I had to add enough extra fabric to  fold the neck line twice to create a finished edge.
I love the fit and the pattern cost was $0!!! I have a bad habit of buying new patterns when I have the same one just with a slight style change. Of course,  I like to read patterns like some people read recipes.
Happy Sewing!

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Robin said...

Great (and economical) idea! I do the same with clothing and existing patterns. If it's the same basic shape and you've got the fit, just make some minor alterations and voila! -- you've got a new pattern.