Friday, January 19, 2018

Amy Butler In Town Bag, Enclose Zipper

I created a Schoolhouse Tunic March 2010 using this gorgeous fabric Anna Maria Horner, Good Folks Fortune in Chocolate and since then I realized I don't wear it anymore and I still love the fabric! That's when I realized I have to upcycle it and make it something new. I chose to make the Amy Butler, In Town Bag. It is a super small bag so I knew right away that the button closure would not work for me. Then I thought about a magnet closure but that would take up more of the inside of the bag. I found a tutorial on how to apply an enclosed zipper!
This bag is tiny and to best utilize the space a zipper was the best closure. I used 4 pieces of fabric cut to 9" long X 1.5" wide to create the enclosed zipper.

I placed leather for the bottom of the bag. It is easier to keep it clean and looks great!
I did sew in the slip pocket template on one side of my bag. The zipper closure falls over the pocket to keep items from falling out. If you are interested in learning how to enclose a zipper check out this Baker Bag Tutorial the zipper part starts at 13:5 in the video.
This was a beautiful schoolhouse tunic but I love the bag even more!
Schoolhouse tunic
Best wishes and ton of stitches!