Thursday, August 7, 2008

Zippers are Fun!!!

Park Slope!
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I recently had a customer ask some great questions about applying the zipper in her Sew Spoiled patterns. Sometimes zippers can be a challenge but if you try some of these tips you might see that Zippers are fun!!!
Tip #1:
Do you feel like you are pulling the fabric through?? Does the fabric move to freely and you can't sew in a straight line?
In order for the feed dogs to grab the fabric it needs to be held down by the zipper foot. To give the zipper foot more stability move the needle closer to the zipper foot. You will find that the fabric moves in a straight line instead of all over the place and you will be able to sew in a straight line again:)
If you get frustrated:) take a break and come back to it. (I usually eat ice cream at this point;) When you come back later to the project take your seam ripper and erase the mistake away. If the zipper is still good try again. Practice makes perfect!
Take it slowly. Enjoy your work. Make sure your sewing time is not under pressure. (Nap time is a great time to sew as long as you are not afraid of "not finishing before the baby wakes up") Create a sewing time that just for you.
Make your sewing space special! Use your favorite fabrics and colors to brighten up your space. Even if you only have a table, give your space some love so you feel Sew Spoiled when you sew.
Please let me know how your projects are going. It does take some time and practice to get the hang of the zipper foot but once you do it will open so many doors for your sewing projects!!
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9crafty11 said...

I think the way you apply the zipper in your main picture there is the easiest & neatest way of applying a zipper. I have tried many ways, & this would have be the best. I'm more nervous about getting straight hems than zippers! Julia

Sew Spoiled said...

Thanks Julia! I wish you the best of luck on all of your hems:)