Friday, September 26, 2008

Change can be good, Some new help with a new pattern:)

Hi All,
I would like to make a few suggestions to those who have the Sew Spoiled Ladybug Shoulder bag ebook. This pattern is great, however there are a few things I have tried out since it was released and you might want to make these changes too.
First change, I fused interfacing to the lining. This made the bag sturdier but I will tell you it was a little more challenging to sew down the binding later in the bag making process.
Second, I used the pockets tutorial from my Sew Spoiled Versatile Bag ebook. I cut the same size pockets out for this bag (Pocket A and Pocket B) and it worked beautifully.
Third, I cut the Heat n bond lite 1 3/4" X 68" just to make sure the Heat n Bond would not be exposed.
Happy Sewing!!!

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