Saturday, September 13, 2008

Think Green

Think Green
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I love e-books!!! I always have my Sew Spoiled ebooks with me, they are flexible and they save resources like paper and gas:) If you have not give Sew Spoiled ebooks a try you should!!!! After you purchase the pattern of your choice it is sent directly to your email account. So you do not need to jump in your car and spend time or money. Then you read through it and print out the pattern pieces you need to cut the fabric with. It is super easy!! Also with Sew Spoiled ebooks all of the pictures are in color. I have made sure that only bright and easy to see photos are used in my ebooks. Not to mention the free tech. support. If you have any trouble at all technology wise or pattern questions just email me and we will talk through it:) I have had a few customers also ask if a certain pattern can be larger or smaller. Ebooks are extremely flexible for your own needs. Just adjust the size of the printed pattern templates by the same percentage and you have the ideal size for you. If you have not dared to explore epatterns than try these and see how wonderful it is to be a home sewer in the 21st century!!!! These patterns available at
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9crafty11 said...

I think patterns like these are a great idea. It saves so many aspects like fuel used in both collecting or delivery of it & I think it's a great idea to change the sizing of it as well. I can't do the maths when it comes to changing traditional patterns. I will have to give one of yours ago, methinks! Julia

Sew Spoiled said...

Thanks!! I hope more traditional sewers join us on the Tech. side:) Don't you want more from your patterns!! I got tired of opening a pattern and seeing tissue paper. I wanted to cry!! With two little ones running around the tissue paper would get torn and then the design would be lost for ever. Now if I know I am making a few of the same bag pattern. I just print out the pattern on card stock and cut around the card stock with my rotary cutter. It works like a dream and saves a ton of time!!