Saturday, May 9, 2009

Sew Spoiled Mommy and Me Ladybug Backpack Pattern!!!

The Sew Spoiled Ladybug Backpack E-book Pattern is now available!!! Make one for you and your little one. These backpacks are adorable and look Great!!! Take your Sew Spoiled Backpack on any summer adventure. Have your little one carry their favorite trinkets. You can carry more with your hands free!!!
The Mommy Backpack pattern contains...
67 Clear Photos in color
13 Easy to understand Steps
31 Pages
Size: Approx. 14.5"H X 15"W (at it's fullest)
Straps adjustable!
The Kid Backpack pattern contains...
39 Clear Photos in color
10 Easy Steps
25 pages
Size: Approx. 9.5"H X 9.5"W (at it's fullest)
Straps adjustable!
Happy Mother's Day!!!


monaluna said...

They are just adorable! I wanted to let you know I put a photo on my site at I haven't figured out how to link it yet, but I do have your blog address up there. Thanks!

Sew Spoiled said...

Thank you Jennifer! I love your fabric! It is very bright and cheerful! Sewing is fun when you have beautiful fabrics to work with!

TwoPrettyLittleSkirts said...

I absolutely adore this backpack! Heading to your etsy to purchase and make for my girls.
Have a great day!


Zarah said...

Oooh - they are so CUTE!!

Kaye Prince said...

I came by to enter your giveaway, but I felt like I needed to comment here too. These bags are so sweet! I can't even believe how adorable they are; great work!

Emily Ann said...

Oh my goodness, how adorable! I think I've found someone new to follow! Love your blog!

koala brains said...
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koala brains said...

My first time visiting your blog. I'm half asleep so hence the prior comment if it came through to you. Love the bag design!

Mochi Needlecraft Home said...

hi, do you still have the pattern in stock? i checked your etsy it's out of stock.

Sew Spoiled said...

I do have one in my shop:) here is the listing! Thanks for your post.
Happy sewing!