Friday, October 16, 2009

Amy Butler Suitable Tote from Sew Spoiled

I realize that some of you can make this with very little instruction. However, I am putting together an easy Epattern that will show you some tricks of the suitable tote and give you some new ideas, I have not shown you yet. I love the Suitable tote! It looks so professional and you can make them quickly! This is a great bag to make and sell in your shop or make as gifts on a moments notice. If you want to carry your fun fabric with you everywhere you go but your colorful fabric does not match your everyday clothes this is the bag for you! :) Yes! I have that problem!!! I made one for myself and I have not stopped using it! It matches everything!!! Also, if your guy has an old suit he can no longer wear this is the perfect project!!! Recycle and reuse that fabric for a fun adventure!!
Can't wait to share!!!! By the way, getting ready for another giveaway!
Warm Wishes!!


Nikki said...

I look forward to seeing the pattern! What a pretty bag!

Sew Spoiled said...

Thank you!! I am working on the pattern right now! Taking pictures, writing the steps and making sure the measurements are perfect! I love the process. I try to take my time, so the pattern is easy to follow and fun to make. Thanks again!