Tuesday, January 19, 2010

a little goes along way

This week our school and local church has been collecting water to send to Haiti. The last count was at 300 crates. Maybe you have noticed the button to the right, Craft Hope! Craft Hope has been collecting donations from all around the world and posting them on their Etsy Shop. All of the proceeds go to Doctors Without Boarders!! They have raised approximately $20,000!!! That is truly amazing!! Jan. 20, Wednesday evening, they are planning to stop accepting donations. 

I have donated the French Cuff PDF pattern!! Hopefully it will post tomorrow. Definitely go to Craft Hope's Etsy shop and look around. You might want to check back often because the list of items continues to change throughout the day! Fabric, patterns, bags, pictures and children clothes are just some of the items you might see here.
 I fell in love with this patchwork pincushion from Creative Kismet.
 If we all pull together a little goes along way.

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