Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

I did it this year, I got a family picture!! I know this might seem like an easy task but it truly is one of the hardest things for our family to do. One of us hates his picture taken, oops... did I say his...oh well, now you know who it is. The girls have a hard time focusing on the camera and I am usually the only one left looking at the camera, trying to smile. Anyway, I made matching T-dresses and a skirt for myself from Heather Bailey's, Nicey Jane Collection so we could even match! I love my family and I want to take more pictures of us. What steps could I take to be more successful?? 
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!
Psst- Just wanted to let you know the Free Lanyard Tutorial is available for download!


Ginger said...

Cute dresses and skirt. What pattern did you use for your skirt? I have no tips for getting more family photos. I'm usually the one taking ours so there are hardly any photos of me. We should probably buy a tripod.

My Botang said...

Hi all the way from Japan.. love the matching skirts and dresses.. and your girls are adorable..
we usually take family pics when everyone's dressed and ready, I always have the tripod in plain view and the setting up takes mere seconds.. so it doesnt cause much discomfort to you know who.. all the best!!

Sew Spoiled said...

Thanks! I will definitely have to try the tripod!
Ginger the skirt is just elastic casing around the top but i did sew in a slip because of the white, flowery fabric being see through. Thank you for your post!