Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Posh Platypus!

My daughter loves the hit kids show, Phineas and Ferb! Her favorite character is Perry the platypus. We had trouble finding a Perry in the stores, so we made our own Perry. (Ok truly, he is a little funny looking.) The pattern is from Pauline McArthur of www.funkyfriendsfactory.com, we found it at All Free Crafts.com! It is super easy! 
You will have to increase the size of the templates by 40% but once you do the rest is easy. Follow the step by step pictures with instructions and you will have a perry a platypus within minutes! Anyone else a Phineas and Ferb Fan?
Happy Sewing!


Ann said...

Love that little cuddly animal!
Thanks for forwarding the link to us - I will most certainly take a tour on that site :)

Ginger said...