Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Covered Button Bracelet!

If you want a fun way to wear your favorite fabrics all the time! Here is another great project, the Cover Button Bracelet! You can purchase everything you need at Every Thing Ribbon Etsy shop
There is no sewing involved, just bring your craftiness to the table and have fun.
You will need a Loop Bracelet with 11 blank glue-able pads. Fun fabrics,
11- 1/2"cover buttons with flat backs, the  button cover tool (mold and pusher) and glue.
1.) Make the fabric covered buttons.
2.) Glue the 1/2" covered buttons to the bracelet.
3.) Wear your new bracelet!
Happy Crafting!


Ginger said...

How cute!

Bela said...

Hi, Leah!!! I always follow your lovely blog here from Brazil. Your ideas are really nice. Thank you! Bela.

Heather said...

I made those and had a hard time with the buttons staying on. What type of glue are you using?

Sew Spoiled said...

Hey! Thanks!
Heather I tested a glue gun with standard glue and Gutermann Textile Glue (HT2), for metal purse hardware. The glue gun won!!!
Let us know if you find anything else that is better. :)